Stochastic modeling und analysis of telecommunication networks

In a long-running cooperation between the Institute of Stochastics and France Telecom, Paris, algorithms and methods for the stochastic analysis and modelling of telecommunication networks are being developed. Random mosaics are used as models for cable systems and spatial point processes are used as models for network components and/or subscribers/clients. Main focus of the research are on the one hand the adaptation of these stochastic models to existing network data and on the other hand the cost analysis based on the stochastic simulation of such network models. At the moment, for example the following topics for theses are available, which potentially can be combined with an internship at France Telecom in Paris:

  • Development and implementation of simulation algorithms of typical cells of random Voronoi mosaics based on Cox-point processes and the cost analysis in telecommunication networks based on such simulations.

  • Creation of intensity maps using stochastic extrapolation. Random mosaics should be fitted to several parts of the network datas. These results should be extended to the whole network using statistical extrapolation methods (Kriging). The aim is to improve the model fit.

If you are interested, please contact Prof. Schmidt, David Neuhäuser or Christian Hirsch.

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