Project start-up


In 2022, many outstanding female researchers received project funding; the budget is now exhausted.

Applications submitted to Office for Gender Equality between November 2022 and early January 2023 will receive funding decision in February 2023. Funding starts 01 March 2023.
Detailed information in due course.

Please consider the funding opportunities offered by ProTrainU 

The purpose of this measure is to encourage qualified female junior researchers to pursue an academic career. To help female junior researchers in developing their own research profile they can apply for funding for the preliminary work that is required for a third-party funding application. Project start-up funding is provided for materials and equipment, assistant positions and/or test person remuneration. This initiative is part of the Programme for Women Professors III (PPIII).

The maximum funding amount is EUR 15,000 per application; the funding period is 6 or 12 months.

Female junior researchers of all faculties, who want to pursue an academic career, can apply. This includes doctoral candidates, post-docs, habilitation candidates and researchers qualified to teach and supervise doctoral/PhD candidates (post-habil). Appointed professors or junior professors are not eligible.

How to apply:

  1. Fill in and sign application form
  2. create and enclose the required documents (see p. 4 application form)
    • project details
    • academic career
    • statement by academic supervisor
    • certificates, if applicable
  3. save all parts of the application as one pdf file and
  4. e-mail to Office for Gender Equality (gleichstellungsbeauftragte(at)

Applications can be submitted at any time; funding decisions are made three times a year. 
Funding decisions are made by the Board of Directors of the Graduate & Professional Training Centre Ulm (ProTrainU) on the basis of defined criteria. Proposals by Medical Faculty members are reviewed in advance by the faculty's internal Commission for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities.

The Graduate and Professional Training Centre (ProTrainU) also offers project start-up funding. For information on deadlines and application requirements please click here.

Deadlines 2022/3
Proposals submitted by Funding decision Funding starts
January 2023 February 2023 March 2023

This table is meant to serve as a rough orientation to help you with your personal long-term schedule. Please allow for minor changes at short notice.

As of: 23 Mar 2022