UIB-2005-01 19th Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming W(C)LP

Autoren: Armin Wolf, Thom Frühwirth, Marc Meister (eds.)

This volume contains the refereed and accepted papers and system descriptions presented at the 19th Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming W(C)LP 2005 held in Ulm, Germany, from February 21 to 23, 2005.


UIB-2005-02 2. Krypto-Tag - Workshop über Kryptographie

Autoren: Wolfgang Lindner, Christopher Wolf


UIB-2005-03 Constrained Ordering

Autoren: Walter Guttmann, Markus Maucher

We investigate the problem of finding a total order of a finite set that satisfies various local ordering constraints. Depending on the admitted constraints, we provide an efficient algorithm or prove NP-completeness. To this end, we define a reduction technique and discuss its properties. Key words: total ordering, NP-completeness, computational complexity, betweenness, cyclic ordering, topological sorting.