Seminar zur Data Analysis


For participation in the seminar please apply with your university email address to our web-based system

between 24.06.2017 and 01.07.2017.

We will admit up to 15  Master- and Diploma students.

You can only apply tho the seminar, not to specific topics. After you have been admitted to the seminar, we will inform you per Email how you can submit preferences and we will then allocate topics.


„Data Analysis“ (Prof. Gebhardt)

In this seminar we will apply the methods you learned in the course Data Analysis to a broad range of questions. In particular, the topics focus on the estimation of causal effects. Your paper and discussion is expected to give a thorough discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches chosen by the authors. 

Possible topics are:


  • How important are kindergarten teachers for kids?
  • Does education reduce crime?
  • Does education lead to a longer live span?
  • Is it important to for a PhD student’s research to be at a good department?


  • Do assassinations change the fate of countries?
  • Can buy money buy electoral victories?
  • Do newspapers influence elections?
  • Does the TV influence elections?
  • How does a pilgrimage to Mecca change people’s views?


  • Does a relaxed monetary policy lead to more credit?
  • Is there a Keynesian multiplier?
  • Did Protestantism cause development?
  • Was colonialism bad for modern growth?
  • Do institutions matter for growth?


  • Are family run firms better than non-family run firms
  • Did US banks (knowingly) accept bad creditors for securitized mortgages?
  • Do liquidity constraints reduce firm investments?
  • Does the liquidity of assets drive debt levels?
  • Are financial markets important for growth?

If you have a specific paper you would like to present or an area that is so far not presented, but you are interested in, please send an email to Georg Gebhardt!

Please, be aware that you need a thorough knowledge of Micro-econometrics and in particular causal inference to successfully participate in this seminar. Therefore, this seminar is intended for students who have taken my course "Data Analysis" in the past.


Vorlesung "Data Analysis: Discription, Inference and Causality"


Master students that have taken my course "Data Analysis"

Ablauf und Termine

Participants have to write a paper and give a presentation. The seminar will take place in January. There will be a meeting at the end of this semester in which topics (and the associated literature) will be allocated and you will get all necessary information.