Video Presentation of my article "Moral Norms in a Partly Compliant Society"
The presentation focuses on the application of my model to examples and on the comparison with stylized facts from economic experiments.
Since YouTube allows only uploads of videos that are not longer than 10 minutes I had to split the presentation.

Part 1: Introduction and Basic Model

Part 2: Public Goods Games with and without Punishment Technology

Part 3: A Sequential Prisoners' Dilemma or Simple Trust Game

Part 4: A Dictator Game & Combining the model with loss aversion or envy

Part 5: Ultimatum Games and the role of intentions

How to create such video presentations
If one has already made slides for a conference, it is not much more work to record your voice and to create a video presentation. Moreover, you can create such videos using only freely available software.
First, I opened and updated an old presentation used for a conference talk, created with Open Office Impress. Then using a headset and the freely available software "Audacity", I recorded my verbal explanations of the slides and exported them as MP3. You don't have to record the whole presentation at once, but can create different files. I usually recorded one or several MP3 files per slide. It is no problem to append these files afterwards when creating the video. Then I created a pdf out of my open office presentation and used the free software "PDF XChangeViewer" to export each page of the presentation into a single image file (I used a TIFF format with 300dpi). Afterwards, I used the software "Windows Movie Maker" (which is included in Windows XP and Vista) to combine my MP3 and image files to a video. When I exported the video file, I chose the option to compress the file but used at the same time the maximum file size that could be used under the compression option. The resulting quality is ok. Finally, I created a YouTube account and uploaded the videos. Since YouTube does not allow to upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes, I split the presentation into different video files. I also added at the end of each video file 1 minute where only a black screen is shown. You can use that screen to insert in YouTube an annotation that creates a link to the next video of your presentation (or to torture people with your low quality piano recordings).