• Discounted Stochastic Games with Voluntary Transfers, Economic Theory, 2017, with Susanne Goldlücke, (Article)(Older Working Paper Version) (View Slides)(Software)
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    (Article) (Working Paper) (software)

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    (Article) (Working Paper)

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    (Article) (Working Paper) (Video Presentation) (Slides)

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  • Comment on Charles Manski's: Social Planning with Partial Knowledge of Social Interactions, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics JITE, 2009, Vol. 165(1), with Susanne Ohlendorf
    (Link to comment)

Working Papers

  • Reconciliating Relational Contracting and Hold-up: A Model of Repeated Negotiations (current version 2017, with Susanne Goldlücke)
    (download pdf

  • Capacity Mechanisms and Effects on Market Structure (with Christina Elberg) (2014)
    (download pdf

  • Interactively Solving Repeated Games: A Toolbox (2010) 
    (download pdf) (software)

  • Decision Structures in Franchise Systems of the Plural Form (with Shira B. Lewin-Solomons), Bonn Econ Discussion Paper No. 8/2008.
    (download pdf)



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