PD Dr. Ludger Ständker
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Peptide Libraries, Peptide Synthesis & Purification
Nico Preising
Tel: 0731 500 65175

Peptide Research & Purification
Dr. Armando Rodríguez Alfonso
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The Core Facility Functional Peptidomics (CFP) originated from the competence centre "Ulm Peptide Pharmaceuticals" (U-PEP) and offers its expertise in the field of bioactive peptides to the working groups of the Medical Faculty and the University of Ulm as well as to external users.

This includes the discovery of new active peptide substances from natural sources by means of chromatography, as well as their chemical synthesis, modification and folding. The CFP has preparative and analytical chromatography systems (HPLC), multidimensional HPLC, pipetting robots, freeze-drying equipments, peptide synthesisers and chromatography-coupled mass spectrometry (LC-MS) at its disposal for this work.

In addition to providing existing peptide libraries for bioscreening programs, the Core Facility can process tissues, body fluids and cell supernatants for special project requirements with the aim of extracting, fractionating and ultimately identifying bioactive peptides from them. Identified peptide active substances can then be chemically resynthesised and their potency or stability improved by structure-activity-relationship (SAR) analysis.


Picture if the freeze drying appliance
Freeze drying appliance
  • Peptide libraries for bioscreening - projects
  • Peptide synthesis (solid phase chemical synthesis)
  • Peptide derivatization and peptide folding
  • Peptide extraction from tissues and fluids
  • Fractionation via HPLC
  • Peptide analysis
  • Freeze-drying


Picture of Varian PrepStar HPLC system and 10 L CEX column
Varian PrepStar HPLC system and 10 L CEX column
Preparative and analytical chromatography (HPLC)
  • Varian PrepStar SD-1 (purification/separation on a gram scale)
  • Hitachi Chromaster 5430 (purification/separation on a microgram scale)
Chromatography-coupled mass spectrometry (LC-MS)
  • Waters 2790 + Waters micromass ZQ
Microwave peptide synthesiser Liberty Blue (CEM)
  • Peptide syntheses up to 50 amino acids - chain length at desired scale and purity
Liquid-Handler and 2D-HPLC
  • Gilson GX 281
  • Christ-Epsilon 1-6 (up to 6 L volume per drying)

Peptide libraries

Picture of Peptid-Synthesizer Liberty Blue
Peptid-Synthesizer Liberty Blue

The peptide libraries are generated within the CRC1279. Information on the use of peptide libraries can be found in the following file ''Recommended Use of Peptide Libraries''.

Available peptide libraries (of human origin)
Cytosorb extract                                         
Vaginal liquid
Bone marrow
Foreskin/connective tissue

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