"As a molecular research scientist, I am looking for answers ...

... to the major medical questions."

Master’s Programme in Molecular Medicine

In today’s post-genomic world, researchers and scientists in the field of molecular medicine are transforming the way we understand, treat, and cure diseases. Germany is a prominent leader in this fast-moving field and is spearheading many of the latest innovations and cutting-edge approaches. The Master in Molecular Medicine at Ulm University is the ideal postgraduate programme for students who have obtained a bachelor degree in a life science subject, such as biochemistry, biomedical science, human biology, molecular biology, molecular biotechnology, molecular life science, or molecular medicine. All of the programme's lectures, seminars, and practical courses are taught in English and all examinations are conducted in English.

A profound research study programme in Molecular Medicine

This exciting degree programme enables students to expand and enhance their

  • understanding of the molecular pathways that lead to the proliferation, differentiation, and death of cells,
  • knowledge of the physiology of cells and organs,
  • insights into the pathophysiology of diseases,
  • practical laboratory skills.

From the third semester, you will also have the opportunity to specialise in the research areas Molecular Oncology or Toxicology.

International studies within the Double Degree programmes

We offer our students the possibility to take part in an European Double Degree programme with our partner universities in Padua/Italy or Oulu/Finland. In this program they can spend one or two semesters at one of the partner universities and finish their studies with an international Double Degree Master's degree. Since the curriculums are similarly structured, all course achievements will be accepted mutually. 5 students per year can take part in each partner programmes.

Important information:


The deadline for all applications - via the campus portal or via uni assist - ends on MAY 15, 2024.

The Ulm University campus portal will not be available from 23 April until probably
7 May 2024.
No applications can be created, processed or submitted during that period. Applications via the uni-assist online portal for applicants with foreign higher education qualifications are possible.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

Further information on the temporary portal shutdown

Master of Science (M.Sc.), full time

Study start
Winter semester: starting Oktober, 1st


Credit Points
120 ETCS

4 Semester


Interdisciplinary study profile

  • Molecular Oncology (also as specialisation)

  • Infectious Diseases and Immune Defense

  • Signalling Pathways in Stem Cells, Development and Aging

  • Trauma Research and Regenerative Medicine

  • optional: Toxicology

Innovative study programme

  • Double Degree programmes in cooperation with the University of Padua/Italy and University of Oulu/Finland

  • Individual specialisation in Molecular Oncology (research focus )

  • Individual specialisation in Toxicology

Excellent study support

  • Training in the modern laboratories of Ulm University and Ulm University Hospital

  • Small study groups in a close-knit community of students and teachers

  • Consistent quality management in studies and teaching

  • Preparation for a wide range of career opportunities in research

A study programme with a wide range of future perspectives

A Master's degree in molecular medicine equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake scientific projects in the field of molecular medicine and to review and critically discuss published data related to this research area. Students in this programme benefit from our professors’ professional ties with nearby hospital partners, other researchers, healthcare providers, and industry specialists. Graduate students are trained to be the next generation of life scientists: creative and productive researchers working in academia, medicine, industry, law, business, or the non-profit sector.

Study plan

The duration of the Master study programme will be four semesters.

Semester 1
In the first semester, students will deepen their knowledge in topics like Cell and Developmental Biology, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Pharmacology and Drug Development, and will pass a four weeks practical training in laboratory methods.

Semester 2-3
In the second and third semester, students will focus on practical work in different research fields. Here, four different main subjects will be offered, consisting of lecture, 4-weeks practical training and seminar. Four additional smaller subjects will go beyond strictly scientific contents and prepare students for workaday duties of a research scientist. These subjects will be arranged in four blocks, two blocks per semester, each block containing 12 ECTS credit points. The four main subjects which outline the combination of lecture, practical course, and seminar, are “Infectious Diseases and Immune Defense”, “Signaling Pathways in Stem Cells, Development and Aging”, “Molecular Oncology” and “Trauma Research and Regenerative Medicine”. The additional subjects will cover topics such as Clinical Trials, Bioethics, Good Laboratory and Scientific Practice, and Project Management and Funding.

Semester 4
In the fourth semester, students will focus on preparing the practical Master´s thesis. The Master study programme in Molecular Medicine concludes with an oral examination (disputation).

Study plan


Do you have questions about the study programme? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants for this program must have received a bachelor's degree in a Life sciences program.

Yes, please send a transcript of records with all the marks you have received so far.

The following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • An average grade of 2.5 or better (in case your Bachelor´s program has already been completed) resp. 2.7 or better (in case your Bachelor´s program has not ye been completed)


No, in this case we just need proof that you completed your undergraduate studies in English.

Yes, please do apply! However, your previous study programme should be out of the following fields of studies: biomedical science, molecular biotechnology, molecular biology, molecular life science, human biology, biochemistry. The selection committee will check what degree programme you studied and decide whether you are eligible for the master programme.

  • Bachelor certificate and diploma (= Bachelor’s degree and diploma, if applicable)
  • Transcript of records with the final grade of the bachelor’s degree.
  • If you have not yet completed the degree but expect to complete it before the program starts, it is also possible to apply with a preliminary transcript of records. Make sure the Transcript of Records (ToR) shows all program achievements and examination results obtained in the undergraduate studies with the average grade of all examinations. You can get a conditional admission based on this ToR and hand in the final certificate later on.
  • The total workload of your bachelor studies or the received workload up to the end of the application period must be listed.
  • In the case of foreign certificates, a grading scale must be uploaded indicating the best grade to be awarded and the minimum passing grade to obtain the university degree. In some cases, where the grading scale is already on the Transcript of Records, the ToR must be uploaded again for the online application.
  • Proof of English language proficiency at level C1.
    A test is not needed by applicants who can proof that their mother tongue is English or if their undergraduate studies have been taught exclusively in English. All others must take a language test. The tests that are accepted for Level C1 (CEFR) can be found in the language statutes of Ulm University.
  • A letter of recommendation: A letter of study-related reference signed by the hand of an employee of a public or private institution (e.g. University Professor/PhD/post-doc, no Ph.D.-student), on letterhead, indicating the signer's contact details and the position in which the signer was acting.
  • A letter of motivation - maximum 2 pages long - in which you describe your motivation and your expectations for studying in the Master’s program Molecular Medicine here in Ulm.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • The electronically filled document „Form for the subject-specific additional information”. You can download the document on the website of the admissions department of the University of Ulm before application period starts (www.uni-ulm.de) and must upload it as a pdf document during the online application process via the campus portal.
  • Certified translations of all documents that were not issued in German or English.


During the interview we will check your knowledge of relevant molecular medicine topics, your motivation and the content of the Bachelor´s Thesis. (Basic topics may include subjects like virology, human genetics, anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.)

The application process takes place in two stages. First, the formal and content requirements will be checked on the basis of the documents submitted with the online application. Applicants who meet these criteria will be invited to a selection interview by e-mail. The interviews will take place presumably online via Zoom at the beginning of July, 2023.

o    There are administrative fees of around €180 per semester, Non-EU citizens must also pay international tuition fees of €1,500 per semester. For a second study program you have to pay €650 per semester. More information can be found at www.uni-ulm.de/en/study/organisation/tuition-fees

The program does not offer any scholarships. However, there are many scholarships offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and similar institutions.

Ulm University has an International Graduate School, which offers a PhD program in Molecular Medicine. You can find details on the website of the IGradU www.uni-ulm.de/en/einrichtungen/igradu

Our International Office can help in case you have specific questions regarding services for international students, general visa issues, or life in Ulm and in Germany. www.uni-ulm.de/io

Application and admission

Central Student Advisory Services

The Central Student Advisory Services Office advises you both before you start your studies and during your studies.

Central Student Advisory Services


You will find all information about application and allocation of study places on the website of the Admissions Office.

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