Molecular Medicine - Master of Science (MSc)

  • required language proficiency: English
  • places not limited

Application period

winter semester:     15 March-15 May
summer semester:  ---

Online application

Application is currently not available!

How to apply:

1. Step: Online application
Apply online and print out the application for admission as well as the data view.
You get the application for admission and the data view additionally by email.

2. Step: Submit documents
Send the signed application including all application documents to

Universität Ulm
Abteilung II-1 Zulassung
89069 Ulm | Germany

All documents must be received in paper form within the application period.
All applicants apply directly at Ulm University.


Further information

  • Entrance requirements

    • Proof of a bachelor's degree with examination results in molecular medicine or another programme with essentially the same content at any German or foreign higher education institution, or any qualification which is recognised as equivalent after completion of a minimum of three years of study.
      The examination results are documented through
      • a bachelor's degree with an overall grade of 2.5 or better,
        or if no degree has yet been awarded, through
      • an average grade of 2.7 or better in examinations taken by the date of application.

    • Proof of an adequate command of English at level C 1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). This proof may be
      • 7.0 points or more in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
      • Certificate in Advanced English or Certificate of Proficiency in English in the Cambridge exam
      • 701 points or more in the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)
      • 100 points or more in the Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based (TOEFL iBT)
      • level III or level IV of the UNIcert
      • CEFR C 1-level or higher, shown on higher education entrance qualification. Any level of language proficiency which is in parts on and in parts lower than level CEFR C1 is not recognised.
      This does not apply to applicants whose language of instruction during bachelor's or other degree studies was exclusively English.

    • In addition to the above requirements:
      • passing successful subject-specific study aptitude test and
      • passing a selection interview

    For legally binding information please see the MSc Molecular Medicine admissions statutes.

  • Application documents

    Upon completing the online application you need to submit the following documents in paper form within the application deadline:

    • Application for admission (with original signature)
    • data view (protocol of the online application)
    • Form requesting subject-specific additional information, inclusively the required proofs
    • Bachelor's certificate/diploma
    • Transcript of records with the final grade of the bachelor's degree
    • If the bachelor's degree has not yet been granted: record of all programme achievements and examination results obtained in the programme of studies with average grade and the received workload up to the end of the application period
    • For applicants with a degree from abroad: grading system of the study abroad indicating the minimum grade required for passing the bachelor’s degree as well as the highest grade possible. If this information is not given in the degree certificate/transcript, it must be provided separately on an official document or letter
    • Proof of adequate English language competence
    • For applicants with a degree from China or Vietnam: the original APS certificate
    • Additional official translation of the documents into English or German, if the originals are not in English or German

      Please note:
    • Simple, non-attested copy of each document, no authentication needed (exemption: APS certificate)
    • Incomplete applications (missing details or documents) will be rejected
    • We do not accept applications and supporting documents sent by email
    • The application documents become property of Ulm University and will not be returned. Therefore, please do not send originals. Candidates who reapply must resubmit the complete documentation; it is not possible to refer to documents on file at Ulm University.
    • If you are absent during the application process and therefore cannot apply at Ulm University yourself, it is possible to authorise someone else to do so for you. Valid forms of authorisation:
      - notarised letter of authority
      - power of attorney
      - letter of authority - download template in PDF format
      Please note: signatures must be originals

  • Selection procedure

    The selection takes place in two-steps:

    • as the first step, applicants take a subject-specific academic aptitude test (Test) pre-selecting candidates for an interview
    • as the second step, the pre-selected candidates are interviewed. The selection interview is based on the applicants motivation and aptitude for the master´s programme as shown in the interview. The content of the bachelor's thesis, technical expertise in molecular medicine, linguistic competence and motivation for studying are discussed in the interview.
  • Information on the master's programme Molecular Medicine

    Further information on the master's programme Molecular Medicine.