Numerical Methods for Data Science

The course "Numerical Methods for Data Science" will take place. For further informations please register in Moodle for the lecture.

Please contact Laura Burr if there are any questions about the course.


  • If you are interested in the lecture, you will receive the password for the Moodle course from Laura Burr via e-mail.
  • The first material will be provided on Tuesday, 21th of April.


  • Learning
  • Least-Squares regression: SVD
  • Clustering and Classification
  • Machine learning, neural networks and others
  • Automatic differentiation
  • Probabilistic methods

Exercise Class

General Information
  • All informations about the exercise class can be found on Moodle.

Exam Requirement

  • 50% of the theory points as well as 50% of the programming points must be edited. 


Please register in Moodle for the lecture.