Seminar Reduced Basis Methods


  • There will be no presentations on 11.07! The presentations will take place on 18.07 (topics 5, 6 and 7) and 25.07 (topics 10 and 11), at 15:00 in the seminar room of our institute (HeHo 20, room number 127). The deadline for submitting your report (and code) is one week ahead of your presentation.


Numerical simulation has found broad application in many different fields and has become an integral part of modern day science and technology. As the models used for simulation get more accurate and complex, the required computational power grows as well. In many cases the computational, time and storage constraints imposed by the limitations of available hardware or economic considerations, do not allow for usage of accurate models. This has led to the development of Model Order Reduction (MOR) techniques that attempt to solve complex systems in real time, while controlling the resulting approximation error. Reduced Basis Methods (RBM) is a special type of MOR that has proven to be very successful in various applications. In this seminar we will brush through MOR, focusing specifically on RBM. The seminar can serve as a good preparation for a subsequent master thesis.

General Information


  • Prof. Dr. Karsten Urban
  • M. Sc. Mazen Ali


  • Lectures in basic numerics

Study programs (master)

  • All mathematical master programs, Lehramt, CSE, mathematische Biometrie



  • Seminar presentation on February 8th, at 16:00 in H1
  • First meeting (Q&A) in April, details tba
  • Weekly meetings starting May-June, details tba
  • Check website for updates


Prof. Dr. Karsten Urban
Helmholzstr. 20
Room 1.12

M. Sc. Mazen Ali
Helmholzstr. 20
Room 1.30