Field of Research: Numerical Optimization and Numerical Methods for Manifold Based Model Reduction

  • Numerical methods for manifold based model reduction for nonlinear optimization problems with ordinary differential equation constraints
    • Main Developer of AMMSoCK (A Manifold Baser Model Reduction Software for Chemical Kantics)
  • Chemical kinetics in combustion mechanism including
    • Thermodynamics
    • Carbon-Hydrogen combustions
  • Differential geometry and its application to manifold based model reduction:
    • Calculation of Riemannian Curvature Tensor
    • Time Sectional Curvatures

Short Curriculum Vitae

since 05/2017

Development Engineer for Visual Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) at Continental AG

01/2013 - 04/2017

Doctoral Student at the Department of Numerical Mathematics at Ulm University

11/2012 - 03/2015

Lecturer for Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Applied Science in Neu-Ulm

10/2010 - 11/2012

Studies of Mathematics at Ulm University, Minor in Computer Science
Thesis: On Numerical Methods for Stiff Ordinary Differential Equation Systems
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lebiedz
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

10/2007 - 09/2010

Studies of Mathematics at Ulm University, Minor in Computer Science
Thesis: Stable Implementation of Three-Term Recurrence Relations
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Funken
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

09/1998 - 08/2007

High School (Wieland-Gymnasium in Biberach) with advanced courses in Biology and History.


Born in Biberach an der Riß.


Conferences and Summer Schools

I participated at several conferences and summer schools:

  • 07/2015: SIAM Conference on Control and Its Application, Paris, France
  • 06/2015: IWMRRF - 5th International Workshop on Model Reduction in Reacting Flows, Schloss Lübbenau, Germany
  • 08/2014: Summer School on Numerical Optimal Control, Freiburg, Germany
  • 06/2014: NetCo 2014 - Conference on New Trends in Optimal Control, Tours, France
  • 06/2013: IWMRRF - 4th International Workshop on Model Reduction in Reacting Flows, San Francisco, USA 
  • 10/2012: MoRePaS II - Second International Workshop on Model Reduction for Parametrized Systems, Günzburg, Germany

Supervised Thesis

In the last few years I supervised/am supervising several thesis in collaboration with Prof. Lebiedz:

  • Michael Schneider: Towards Numerical Coupling of Slow Manifold Based Model Reduction and Optimal Control. Masterarbeit. Universität Ulm, 04/2016.
  • Marcus Heitel: Comparison of Numerical Optimization Techniques for a Variational Problem Formulation of Manifold-based Model Reduction. Masterarbeit. Universität Ulm, 10/2015
  • Jan Gabriel: Modellierung und Simulation einer nicht-vorgemischten Gleichstrom-Wasserstoff-Verbrennung. Bachelorarbeit. Universität Ulm, 06/2015.


In the last few years I supervised several exercise courses, namely:

Besides, I gave some lectures on Mathematics and Statistics:

  • Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Applied Science in Neu-Ulm: Winter Term 2012/2013, 2013/2014. 2014/2015 - Summer Term 2014
  • Elementary Logic, Set Theory, Calculus at Ulmer Universitäts-Trainingscamp: 09/2012, 09/2013, 09/2014, 09/2015, 09/2016

Further, I've mentored some courses as a Tutor within my studies, e.g.

  • 03/2012: Ulmer Universitäts-Frühjahrscamp
  • Winter Term 2011/2012: Entwicklung von Datenbankanwendungen
  • 09/2011: Ulmer Universitäts-Trainingscamp
  • 09/2010: Ulmer Universitäts-Trainingscamp
  • Summer Term 2010: Analysis II
  • Winter Term 2009/2010: Analysis I
  • 09/2009: Ulmer Universitäts-Trainingscamp 
  • Winter Term 2008/2009: Allgemeine Informatik I


Dr. Pascal Heiter


  • Address:
  • ADC Automotive Distance Control Systems GmbH, Continental AG 
  • Meininger Allee 5
  • 89231 Neu-Ulm