Funded research projects

  • ​​​​​ 2020-2024, FWO Funding for strategic basic research with a primary societal finality "Towards efficient pillar II and III pension decisions in Flanders: Financial product innovations, optimal goal-based retirement planning and nudging" (with 7 colleagues of Universiteit Gent and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, as invited international coapplicant)
  • 2020-2021, Netspar and Canadian Global Risk Institute: "International comparison of pension fund regulations" (with Antoon Pelsser, Sally Chen,
    Niels Kortleve and Siert Vos)
  • 2020-2021, Deutscher Verein für Versicherungswissenschaft: "On the investment strategies in occupational pension plans" (with Mitja Stadje).
  • 2018-2021, Academic participant of the Netspar Research Grant "Design of pension contracts in incomplete markets and under uncertainty", Netherlands.
  • 2019-2021, DFG Sachbeihilfe: "Zielrente: die Lösung zur alternden Gesellschaft in Deutschland".
  • 2013-2014, Deutscher Verein für Versicherungswissenschaft: "Funding occupational pension plans".