Research Training Group 1100

The goal of the research training group 1100 is the investigation of economical problems using mathematical modeling, analysis and simulation. The problems are developed in collaberation with partners from outside the university and cover the following subjects:

  • Valuation of complex financial products
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Optimal strategies
  • Econometric analysis and strategies
  • Knowledge discovery and data mining

In order to solve these problems, the participants emphasize on the following topics of mathematical research:

  • Stochastical models, their analysis and simulation
  • Statistical inference and data analysis
  • Stochastical controls and optimization
  • Partial differential equations and functional analysis
  • Financial mathematical modeling and analysis
  • Numerical analysis and simulation
  • Methods of software development and of software quality management

Contact: Prof. Schmidt and Prof. Spodarev

A project of the Institute of Stochastics in association with the research training group 1100 is the stochastic modeling of tropical cyclone tracks. This project in cooperation with Munich Reinsurance aims at a better estimation of risks and hazards caused by tropical cyclones. Details can be foundhere.