Spatial structure and cost analysis of telecommunication networks

This research project aims at the development of innovative, stochastic modeling approaches to spatial structure and cost analysis of telecommunication networks as well as their practial implementation in algorithms and software. The spatial structure of these networks is an important influencing factor in e.g. computing transmission capacities and the associated costs. Real network data often is too complex or incomplete so that this data cannot be used for an analysis directly. However, in this case the network can be described using stochastic models that can then be simulated. Based on the simulation results one is able to e.g. compute the costs for transmission capacities and apply these results to the real networks.

For the stochastic modeling, models of stochastic geometry are used. That way, e.g. inner-city street networks (and thus the network cables that run along these streets) are modeled by random tessellations and network components are modeled by random spatial point processes. In collaboration with France Télécom R&D, Paris, we investigate such models and algorithms for their simulation and analysis since the year 2000. These algorithms are (and are going to be) implemented in the GeoStoch library, a Java library develop by the Institute of Stochastics and the Institute of Applied Information Processing.

Current subjects for diploma theses relating to this project can be found here.

Contact persons: Prof. Schmidt