Mathematisches Kolloquium: Ilya Molchanov

Ort : Universität Ulm, Helmholtzstraße 16,

Im Rahmen des Mathematischen Kolloquiums findet am Freitag, den 28.06.2024 um 10:15 Uhr (Raum 220, Helmholtzstrasse 18) ein Vortrag von  Ilya Molchanov (Universität Bern) auf Einladung von Prof. Dr. Evengy Spodarev statt.

Titel: Fundamental theorem of arithmetic for the semigroup of metric measure

Abstract: A metric measure space is a complete, separable metric space
equipped with a probability measure that has full support. Two such spaces
are equivalent if they are isometric as metric spaces via an isometry that
maps the probability measure on the first space to the probability
measure on
the second. We consider the natural binary operation on this space that
two metric measure spaces and forms their Cartesian product equipped
with the
sum of the two metrics and the product of the two probability measures. We
show that the metric measure spaces equipped with this operation form a
cancellative, commutative, Polish semigroup, establishing that there are no
infinitely divisible elements and that each element has a unique
into prime elements. We establish that there is no analogue of the law of
large numbers for sequences of random metric measure spaces and characterize
the infinitely divisible probability measures and the Levy processes on this
semigroup, characterize the stable probability measures and establish a
counterpart of the LePage representation for the latter class.