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Study plans


This section includes 

  • study plans,
  • schedules and
  • the Curriculum of the MSc Finance programme.

Please note that schedules may be changed during the lecture-free period. more


Ordner mit Register - Rahmenordnung Studien- und Prüfungsordnung

The legal framework for studying in Baden-Württemberg  is set by the Higher Education Act. The General Framework of Ulm University forms the basis of all bachelor's and master's courses offered by Ulm University.  In addition, each study course has his own supplementary regulations. more

Content and specializations

Buchstabenkärtchen Schwerpunkte

After the first term, students can choose one out of three specializations:

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Financial Economics
  • Actuarial Science

The focus of the optional modules to be taken during the second and third semester are based on the chosen specialization.

Learn more about the study plan.

Work placement

Dart Scheibe mit Pfeilen Prüfung im Zielpunkt

Finding an internship or a position as a working student is not only a way to finance your studies, but also offers the oppurtunity to create connections for later career entry. Ulm University provides various ways to help you with your job search. Annualy, the University hosts the WiMa-Kongress, where a large job-fair with companies from the fields of economics and mathematics takes place. Furthermore, the International Office provides a lot of useful resources regarding practical work placements in Germany. These range from services that help you with your job search and applications to information on rules and regulations for international students. 

Finding a work placement

Regulations for international students

Study portals

Laptop mit HIS Einstiegsseite - WebCMS

The section study portals provides an overview of web-based services for students.

  • organization
  • MOODLE - central learning platfrom
  • e-mail
  • KIZ - Horte 

study portals

Examination board

Kalender mit dem Wort Prüfungen - Prüfungstermine

This section provides legal and regulatory information on examinations as well as information on exam dates.  Among others, the examination board is responsible for approval and classification of courses, granting academic leaves and extending time limits set by the study regulations. More detailed information and contact persons can be found on the webpages of the examination board for Finance sudents.

Data access

Unterschiedliche Ports an einem Großrechner

Campus licences for students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics

  • Refinitiv Datastream and Refinitiv Eikon
  • OECD database
  • Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
  • Database-Infosystem (DBIS)

Study abroad

Studierende stehen an den Buchstaben TIJUANA, im Hintergrund Palmen

For most of our Master in Finance students, studying in Germany already means studying abroad. However, the faculty has several exchange programs with universities across the globe and Finance students are eligible to apply for a place in such a program. The International Office provides further information about the various possibilities to spend part of your study time abroad.


Bunte Ordner aufeinandergestabelt - Verwaltungsfragen

The Office of the Registrar (Studiensekretariat) is responsible for applications, enrolment, re-registration, leave of absence, change of degree programme, de-registration and other administrative matters. Which person is responsible for your degree programme? Here you can also find information on the admissions committee and the admission regulations for your programme. Do you face problems during your studies? Who is the right contact person?