Contribution Regarding Broadcast Services

A licence fee is charged to every apartment in order to fund the public broadcasters. In principle, every household has to pay 17.50 € monthly and this is irrespective of whether any devices in a household are available and/or used.

According to the principle "One apartment, one contribution", only one person must pay, no matter how many people live there. An apartment is defined as any structurally enclosed space unit that is suitable for living or sleeping and is accessible via a staircase, an entrance hall, or from the outside. Bathroom and kitchen are irrelevant.

Apartments are considered as:

  • Single apartments - even if it is just one room, but accessible by public, the tenant has to pay the contribution.
  • Double apartments
  • Shared apartments and residential communities

Since residential communities are considered as apartments, for each shared apartment only one adult person must be registered and must pay the contribution. The residential community itself may decide, which person pays.

Among each other there is an obligation to pay compensation. It does not matter if all roommates and/or fellow residents have their own lease. All other inhabitants who are possibly still registered, you can (and should!) deregister.

Warning! Within rental law it is not allowed, that student housing offices (e.g. Studierendenwerk) pay the broadcast contribution and split this proportionate over rent or operating costs. People, who recive social services (e.g. BAföG) can be exempted from the contribution.

Note! Students, who have registered their room in the student dormitory merely as their secondary residence are not exempted from the contribution. The contribution is paid per apartment and not per person. Who has several apartments, pays in principle several times.

Warning! intentional or negligent non-contribution is considered as a regulatory offense and can be punishable with a fine. Further information on or under follow phone number 01806 999 555 01 (weekdays 07:00 a.m. – 07:00 p.m, pay hotline)

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