Planning to Study Abroad @ Ulm University

Studying in a foreign city and a foreign country is not easy, especially at the beginning. Ulm University wants to make the start for new international students here in Ulm as easy as possible.

On the following pages, you will find a lot of important information and tips for living and studying in Germany, Ulm and at Ulm University. You can also download our booklet for new international students as a PDF file. After your arrival in Ulm, you can get a printed copy at the International Office.

Welcome to Ulm!


Incoming Students Support Team

N.N. (Incoming Students Coordinator)
Dr. Sabine Habermalz (Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator)
Emily Haible (Student Advisor)
Jakub Vávra (Student Advisor)
Linh Nguyen (Student Advisor)

Advising (online)
by previous appointment
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