Scholarships for international students and doctoral students

Scholarships for doctoral students

  • Scholarships for international doctoral students

    For scholarships for doctoral students please visit our page 'Scholarships for international doctoral researchers'. You can find this page here.

Scholarships for international students

  • Scholarships for Honorary Commitment or Financial Need

    In each semester Ulm University offers "Scholarships for Students and Doctoral Candidates Honoring Activities for the Benefit of other Students, the University or Society" to support foreign students who will finish their studies in Ulm.

    The scholarships are only awarded to senior students who have studied at least two semesters at the university.

    The scholarship rewards students who contribute to improving the situation of other students by volunteer activities and individual commitment.

    Applicants must pursue their studies successfully and be financially needy.

    The scholarship is awarded for a period of up to one semester (a maximum of six months) and amounts to 250 EUR per month.

    For application, please see right column/the following Note on Application.

Note on Application

For application, please submit the following documents:
• form: application STIBET (see right column)
• Summary of your study records (for example a copy of your transcript) 
• curriculum vitae
• Income statement (generally statements of all bank accounts of the last 3 month) and evidence of financial hardship
• current certificate of enrolment

Please hand in the signed applications by e-mail to . Please hand it in as one pdf document.

Important note

Only students and doctoral students, who are enrolled at Ulm University, are eligible for the scholarships and grants given above. 

Application Deadline

Application deadlines are 28.02. and 30.09. respectively.

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