Internship Contract - International

Students doing an internship should always conclude an internship contract with their internship institution - regardless of whether the internship is carried out in Germany or abroad and whether it is a paid or unpaid internship. 

In Germany, the internship contract is a matter exclusively between the intern and the company (bilateral). Abroad, it is often expected that the intern's home university also signs the internship contract (trilateral).

This is particularly the case in France. There, the internship contract is also known as a "convention du stage". In Spain, for example, the "convenio de prácticas" is also known. Many companies have their own model contracts, but these often require confirmations and assurances from the intern's home university, which we cannot and must not provide. On the other hand, many companies simply refer interns to their home university to obtain a model contract (which would be completely normal in countries such as France).


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Internship Agreement

If you require an internship agreement for an internship abroad, which must also be signed by a representative of Ulm University, please use our template "Internship Agreement" (bilingual: German-English), which you can download here:

Internship Agreement

  • Fill out the agreement as far as the information concerns you and sign it yourself. (The form is a PDF that is designed to be filled out. Be sure to fill it out on the computer. Handwritten contracts will not be signed by us).
  • Have any missing information completed and signed by your internship organization.
  • Then submit three copies to the International Office together with a certificate of enrollment covering the entire period in which the internship is to be carried out.
  • One copy signed by all parties remains with the International Office, the other two copies, which are intended for you and the internship institution, will be returned to you.