Grades & Exams

Passing Grades Fail
Very Good Good Satisfactory Sufficient Insufficient
Sehr gut Gut

Nicht bestanden

    1 1- 2+ 2 2- 3+ 3 3- 4+ 4     5
    1.0 1.3 1,7 2.0 2.3 2.7 3.0 3.3 3.7 4.0     5.0

Exam Period I: Last week during lecture period + the following three weeks after lecture period.

Exam Period II: 3 weeks before the beginning of the next semester lecture period + first week of next semester lecture period.

Sometimes, exams can also be scheduled on an individual basis.

For actual dates check the Academic Calendar

Temporary non-degree students cannot register online for exams like German students who are doing the complete degree here (this has to do with the computer system / database in the Studiensekretariat). It is important to tell this to professors - and to tell them that you want to take a certain exam, so they know you are coming and have enough question sheets for everybody.

Consequently, professors cannot enter your grade into the computer system / database like they do for degree-students. Instead, they have to issue a certificate about your results. This certificate is called a "Schein" in German.

A "Schein" template is available for download here.

Please note: the language center (ZSP - "Sprachenzentrum") does not use this form - they have their own.

"Scheine" are not automatically sent to the International Office. You must pick them up from the professor's office (or the secretary's office) or from the Sprachenzentrum yourself and hand them in at the International Office!

Only the "Scheine" for the intensive German language course are issued by the International Office and can be picked up there. You will receive an eMail, once they are ready.

Medical Students do not need to collect "Scheine" (certificates) for their courses in medicine or for clinical rotations. The dean of studies office will automaticall issue a transcript of records.

There is currently no automatic grade reporting for temporary non-degree students at Ulm University. Students have to collect their certificates ("Scheine") for each class passed successfully.

In order to obtain a transcript of records, they must present all their "Scheine" to the International Office. The "Scheine" will be copied and the originals returned to the students. In addition, they need to fill out a

Transcript of Records Request Form 

and hand it in at the International Office.

Please be sure to fill in the course codes for all your courses. You can look them up in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis.

If not all your "Scheine" are complete at the time of your departure, you must inform your instructors to send those to International Office whenever they are ready. The International Office will then issue an updated transcript of records.

Please allow at least 5 weeks for grade reporting (transcript of records) after the last exam taken.