Fees & Costs


Students who come to Ulm University for a study abroad period in the framework of an official exchange Program (Erasmus+ SMS Programme, Bilateral Exchange Programmes, Baden-Württemberg Programme) are exempt from paying administrative fees to the university as well as the student council fee.

However, all students who are enrolled at the university must pay a so-called semester fee. This fee is not charged by Ulm University, but goes to the Studierendenwerk Ulm (Student Service Agency). It entitles students to live in a student residence and eat at the Mensa (student cafeteria) for a reduced price.

Please note:

Students who come as free movers and as degree-seeking students (including double-degree students) must pay administrative fees + semester fees + student council fees! As of winter semester 2017/18, these students also have to pay tuition fees if they are non-EU nationals.


Students should plan on having a monthly allowance of € 750 (minimum) in order to cover regular and daily expenses.

Semester Fee (Studierendenwerk/Student Service Agency): € 60 (SS 24) / € 72 (WS 24/25)
Administrative Fees (Free Mover, Degree Students): € 70
Student Council Fees (Free Mover, Degree Students): € 18 (SS 24) / € 20 (WS 24/25)
Tuition Fees (Free Mover/Degree Students: Non-EU): € 1,500 per semester

Monthly Bus Ticket: € 48.00 (reduced) / € 64.00 (regular)
Students who officially participate in the orientation will receive a certificate (DING Bescheinigung der Lehranstalt) with their welcome package which allows them to by the monthly bus ticket at the reduced price ("Schülermonatskarte"). You must carry the certificate with you all the time when riding the bus with a reduced ticket.

Housing: rental prices ranging from approx. € 260 - € 460 per month (Residences & Rental Prices)
Studierendenwerk also charges a one-time fee of € 20 for every new contract issued + a one-time fee of € 30 / € 70 for bedding (pillow & blanket) and linens. More information

Health Insurance: prices ranging from approx. € 40 - € 100 per month (Insurance Information - only if students do not have adequate insurance from their home country)

Meals at student restaurant ("Mensa" or "Bistro") and cafeterias on campus (Monday - Friday): prices start at € 3. Actual costs depend on chosen menu and components (Weekly Menues)

Non-EU/EFTA Nationals: Fee for Residence Permit: € 100/ 110 (up to one year/more than one year)

Prices quoted as of September 2022 - may be subject to change!

Beginning of Stay / Semester

Be sure to bring enough money in cash to be deposited into your bank account and to cover such expenses as semester fee, semester ticket, health insurance and study materials. In addition, you will probably buy things to decorate and equip your room, go out with new friends and travel around.


Incoming Students Support Team

Advising (online)
Tuesdays, 16:00-17:00, CET.

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Erasmus+ Mobility Grants

Students who come to Ulm University in the framework of the Erasmus+ program can apply for an Erasmus+ mobility grant with their home university . Scholarship rates and periods vary at every institution. For information contact your International Office or Erasmus+ office.

Incoming Erasmus+ students are not eligible to apply for scholarships from Ulm University.

Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM

These scholarships are donated by the "Baden-Württemberg Stiftung", a foundation that is linked to the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science and Research in Stuttgart.

Ulm University International Office awards these scholarships exclusively to EXCHANGE students (i.e. students in Bilateral Exchange Programmes or the Baden-Württemberg Programme) of those non-European universities which have supported the student exchange with Ulm University or are going to do so in the near future! Erasmus+ students are not eligible for this scholarship.

Students cannot apply directly for this scholarship, but must be nominated by the exchange coordinator / committee of the sending partner institution.

Scholarships may be granted for periods ranging from 3 - 11 months.

Please note:

Even if you have been awarded a scholarship (Erasmus+ grant, Baden-Württemberg-SCHOLARSHIP or any other scholarship) for your study abroad period, you should make sure to have enough money to cover your expenses for the first 1-2 months, as every scholarship agency needs some time to arrange for scholarship payments to your German bank account. In some cases, scholarship payments will not start until you have completed further administrative steps after arrival at your host university.

Other Financial Issues

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