Preparatory Course for international prospective students


The International Office offers international prospective students who wish to apply for a Bachelor´s programme at Ulm University a preparatory course.

In order to enroll in a specific study programme that is taught in German, you need a proof of a recognized language qualification for university entrance (DSH 2 - level).
We offer the opportunity to acquire these language skills directly at Ulm University and to participate in a B2-German language course and/or a DSH-preparation course (DSH = German language test for admission to higher education for foreign study applicants).

At the beginning of your studies, you will be faced with many new challenges. You will arrive at a new city of another culture and start a completely new chapter of your life: your studies. New learning strategies as well as a high degree of self-organization will be prerequisites to successfully overcome these challenges.

To help you get started with your studies in Germany, we want to prepare you comprehensively and sustainably. This preparatory course will not only prepare you linguistically for your studies, but you will become familiar with new learning strategies, your new study and living environment as well as with numerous organizational basics related to your studies.


  • Preparatory German language course with final DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang - German language test for admission to higher education for foreign study applicants)

  • Specilized German language course

  • Grammar course

  • ·         “What's going on in Germany?” - Seminar on current News with historical and political backgrounds

  • Tutorial on learning strategies and study organization (learning methods, scientific work, examination forms)

  • Mathematical refresher course

  • Orientation week (with campus, city, and library tours)

  • Student advisory service

  • Lectures or seminars related to courses of study on a case-by-case basis - for example introduction to computer science and programming for beginners

  • Intercultural training

  • Excursion and other Social Events

NOTE: With completed B1 level the preparatory course will take 2 semesters, based on B2 level only 1 semester.

Entrance requirements

The following criteria must be met for applying for the preparatory course:

  • Proof of German language skills: completed B1 level at the minimum (according to the Common European Framework for Languages)
  • All other admission requirements (except of proof of recognized language certificates for admission to higher education) for the desired study programme at Ulm University


The preparatory course including language courses is currently free of charge
Ulm University does not charge any additional fees, excepting examination fees.

The fee for "DSH" examination is expected to be 175.00€

The following fees are due for all students (per semester):

Administrative fee:70.00 €
Student services fee79.50 €
Contribution to the authored student body12.00 €
Total amount161.50 € 

The amount of living expenses is difficult to quantify, because these may vary from one person to another.

A room for students in Ulm costs about 300.00 € per month at the minimum. Considering costs for food, clothing, insurance, etc., students usually need at least about 735.00 € to 800.00 € for each month to cover all aspects mentioned above.

Important information and instructions for living and studying in Ulm and at Ulm University can be found at the following website: Welcome to Ulm!


Please apply via  uni-assist (in Berlin).

List of application documents required:
  • The certificate that entitles you to study in your home country
  • Transcripts of records of your previous studies at a foreign university
  • Proof of German language skills
  • APS for applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam 

uni-assist needs these documents in officially certified photocopies. All documents must be translated by a sworn translator in Germany or abroad. English documents must not be translated. Incomplete applications will not be processed. For detailed information in different languages visit the website of uni-assist.

An application at uni-assist will cost 75,00 € for the first university and 30,00 € for each additional university. 

The application deadline for summer semester is January 15, for winter semester is July 15. Applications must be delivered by this date to uni-assist in Berlin.

Admission to Preparatory Course

Admission to the Preparatory Course follows a linguistic aptitude / placement test.

The placement test for winter semester takes place in September, the placement test for summer semester takes place in March. The dates will be announced at our webpage.

The number of participants in the preparatory semester is limited. In each language course (B2 language course / DSH-preparation course) are 15 places available.

For this reason, a ranking is based on the grade of the university entrance qualification and the score in the language test. Applicants with a refugee background are given special consideration.

Admissions statutes of Ulm University for the Preparatory Course for international  prospective students - May 05, 2017 (only in German).

Placement test

Admission to the Preparatory Course follows a linguistic aptitude / placement test.

Placement tests take place in March and September. The placement test is based on the written part of the DSH exam. Structure and form of the test are similar to a DSH exam. The placement test is divided into the subareas of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, text production and grammar.

You can download an example of a DSH exam here:

Leseverstehen (LV) und Grammatik          LV-Lösung

Hörverstehen (HV)                                     HV-Lösung


You can also find many other examples of the DSH exam here:

Admission to Studies

Applicants who would like to study the following unrestricted Bachelor programs at Ulm University, we can guarantee a study place after the preparatory semester.

For these subjects, a renewed application is not necessary. 

  • Chemistry (*)
  • Chemical Engineering (*)
  • Computational Science and Engineering (*)
  • Electrical Engineering (*)
  • Computer Science (**)
  • Communication and Computer Engineering (*)
  • Mathematics (**)
  • Mathematical Biometry (*)
  • Media Informatics (**)
  • Physics (*)
  • Software Engineering (**)
  • Chemistry and Management (*)
  • Mathematics and Management (**)
  • Physics and Management (*)

* – start only possibly for winter semester
** - possibly for winter semester as well as summer semester


50% of the study places of the following admission restricted Bachelor programmes at Ulm University are awarded to applicants who took part in the preparatoy semester according to the results of the preparatory German course.

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Molecular Medicine

For these admission-restricted programmes a new application is necessary after the preparatory semester.

These study programmes are only provided in winter semester.

Workshop "Propädeutika" für Projektkoordinator*innen

  • ⓘ Information

    Zur Workshop-Webseite


    Weiterentwicklung der Maßnahmen für die Studieneingangsphase

    An vielen Hochschulen wurden in den letzten Jahren propädeutische Maßnahmen eingeführt, die die sprachliche, fachliche und allgemeine Studienvorbereitung ausländischer Studieninteressierter mit und ohne Fluchthintergrund fördern.

    Der Workshop Propädeutika für internationale Studierende richtet sich insbesondere an Projektleiter*innen die Maßnahmen im Rahmen von mehrmonatigen Vorbereitungsangeboten koordinieren oder deren Einführung anstreben. Er bietet eine Plattform, um sich mit Kolleg*innen zu Programmkonzepten auszutauschen und von den unterschiedlichen Erfahrungen zu profitieren.

    Der Workshop wird organisiert im Rahmen des STIBET II - Modellprojekts "Vorbereitungssemester für internationale Studieninteressierte der Universität Ulm" und gefördert durch den DAAD aus Mitteln des Auswärtigen Amtes (AA).

Dates for applicants


The application period for winter semester 2018/19 is from May 15 to July 15 2018.

Placement test

Placement test for summer semester 2018:

September 10, 2018

(Admission requirement)

Download "Preparatory Course" Flyer (in German only)

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