Working after Graduation

Have you finished your studies or are you close to completing your degree? In terms of your career path, what will be your next step? Do you want to start your first job in Germany, or are you considering to go back to your home country?

If you consider to start your career here in Ulm/Neu-Ulm, you may ask yourself what the legal frameworks are, or where you can seek further advice concerning your questions about the residence permit, visa regulations etc. The following guide for international students, graduates and doctoral students aims at providing you with a range of information regarding the transition from your studies to your first job in the region of Ulm/Neu-Ulm.

We hope that the information provided by the local network of “Regional – International: Study & Work in Ulm” will help you along your career path.

Guide for international students, graduates and doctoral students seeking a career opportunity:

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Study and Work Brochure Template

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