Finishing Study Abroad @ Ulm University

In order to prepare for your departure, there are a number of things to take care of. Basically, you have to do almost everything you had to do after your arrival, this time in reverse.

Below, you will find more detailed information about the different tasks, procedures and regulations which may be relevant to you. Some things apply to all temporary non-degree students, others only to select groups.

There is currently no automatic grade reporting for temporary non-degree students at Ulm University,​ nor can these students sign up electronically via the Hochschulportal to participate in exams.​​ In order to receive a Transcript of Records,​​ exchange students must collect course certificates (Scheine) for each class they took (whether passed successfully or failed).​​ Here is an overview of the process:

1.​​ Collect Scheine

  • Downoad the Schein template and save it on your computer.​
  • Complete the top part of the Schein template (page 2) for each course you want to be reported on your transcript of records.​
  • Send the teachers of your courses the respective template and ask them to complete the second part (page 2) and send the completed Schein template to the International Office,​ preferrably by eMail to incomings@uni-ulm.​de.​ There are instructions for the teachers on the first page of the Schein template.​
  • The Zentrum für Sprachen und Philologie (ZSP) has its own forms.​ Inform the teachers that these Scheine should also be sent to the International Office,​ preferrably by eMail to incomings@uni-ulm.​de.​

2.​​ Request a Transcript of Records

  • Please fill out the relevant transcript form on Mobility Online.

⚠️ Make sure that the course information on the Schein template and in the transcript form corresponds to the information in the final version of your learning agreement to avoid irritation with your home university in the recognition process.​ ⚠️

Medical Students

Medical students will receive a transcript of records of all their medical courses and electives issued by the medical faculty.​​
They only need to fill out the Schein template and the transcript form if they have taken courses outside the Medical faculty which they would like to have documented.​​

Please allow at least 5 weeks for the finalization of your transcript of records after all the Scheine (course certificates) have been received by the International Office.​

All Erasmus+ students are required by program regulations to submit an certificate of mobility from the host institution after they return home, confirming the actual start and end date of the mobility period:

  • The start date is not the day of arrival. Instead, it is the first day that you participate in any official event (first day of classes, either in the orientation programme / intensive German language course or during the semester).
  • The end date is not the day of departure. Instead, it is the last day of your academic activities (last day of classes, last exam, last day in lab or clinic).

If your university has a special form which must be used, be sure to download or order it in time and complete all the personal information about yourself. If your university does not require a special form, we can issue a certificate of mobility from our data base. Please note:

  • For the time being, certificates cannot be signed in-person at the International Office. Please send us a digital copy of your Certificate of Mobility and relevant information about your mobility (end date, both physical and virtual if applicable), and we will be happy to complete the form for you. Signed certificates will be sent to you via email (or in hard copy by post upon request).
  • We will not issue attendance confirmations after your departure (unless COVID-19 related circumstances prevented timely attendance confirmations; in this case, please contact us).
  • We will not pre-date or post-date the form.
  • We will not issue attendance confirmations after your departure.

If you received a scholarship during your time abroad, please look into your obligations nearing the end of your scholarship period. Sometimes, you might be required to submit a final report to the funding organisation. Please see the website of the scholarship organisation(s) relevant to you for information regarding final report obligations.

Baden-Württemberg Scholarship recipients: Please review the information on our Baden-Württemberg Scholarship website.

Please keep in mind:

Your report may serve as an important information for students from your home country / home university to help them decide for a study abroad period at Ulm University. By agreeing to the publication of your report you can substantially contribute to promoting the exchange pro­grams with the University of Ulm.

Thank you very much!

Make sure to return all books, media and/or other devices to the University Library.

Check if you have any outstanding fees with the library and pay your debts.

Check-Out from a Student Residence of Studierendenwerk

When you move out of your dorm room, you must have a check-out appointment ("Auszugsübergabe") with the caretaker („Hausmeister“). You need to make the appointment at least three weeks in advance. Check-outs are only done on weekdays (Monday – Friday) during the normal working time of the caretakers. No check-outs on weekends or holidays.
Keep in mind that at the end of a month/semester, many students may be moving out and the caretakers have to coordinate many such appointments).

It is mandatory that you or another witness are personally present at the check-out. If you cannot be present yourself, you may appoint a proxy. You must authorize this proxy in writing: Proxy Form for Check-Out from Student Residence.

Bring the inventory ("Inventarverzeichnis") to the check-out (this is the green carbon copy which you received when you arrived). On this form, the caretaker will note if anything is missing or if there is any damage. If the caretaker decides that you are responsible for a damage or did not clean properly, you will be charged for the replacement, the repair of a damage or a professional cleaning. You will either be billed for the expenses or this amount will be deducted from your security deposit.

At the end of the check-out you have to hand-over your keys to the caretaker. Don't plan on staying in your room after the check-out. Keys cannot be turned in at the International Office or the Studierendenwerk main office.

You must clean your room(s) before the check-out appointment. Residents in doublettes or suites must also clean the communal rooms (kitchen, toilet and/or bathroom) before the check-out. Cleaning should include:

  • Washing windows and frames
  • Wiping drawers, cupboards and wardrobes
  • Laundering mattress cover (not above 30oC)
  • Removing nails and hooks from the walls, smoothing holes of screw anchors
  • Cleaning refrigerator, hotplate and stove
  • Removing mould and lime in shower, sink and toilet
  • Cleaning toilet, sink and mirror
  • Removing black marks or lines on the flooring (if applicable)
  • Sweeping all floors
  • Painting the walls (If the walls are dirty and/or the original colour has been changed. The paint will be provided by the facility managers - no other product may be used)

Refund of Security Deposit from Studierendenwerk

Studierendenwerk will arrange for the refund of the security deposit about 8 weeks after the check-out.

Please fill out the Security Deposit Refund form and hand it in to the International Office before your departure.

You will have to provide your international bank code (BIC) and your international bank account number (IBAN) for this transfer, no matter if you want the refund to be made to your German account or to an account in your home country. You should get in contact with your bank very early in order to obtain these data, if you do not have them already.

Be aware that any bank charges will be deducted from your refund!

Move-Out from a Private Room or Residence

Students who did not stay in one of the student residences of the Studierendenwerk but had a private room or apartment have to “give notice“ to their landlord/landlady. The details depend on the kind of contract or agreement you made when you moved in. Usually one has to inform the landlord/landlady 3 months in advance and in writing.

If the room was rented for a fixed period, such a notice is not necessary. If you want to move out before the fixed date, you might have to pay for the remaining months. If you want to extend your stay beyond the fixed date, you should contact them early to find out if this is actually possible.

When you move out you should also make an appointment for a check-out to make sure you get your whole security deposit back.

Students who signed up for health insurance in Germany have to inform their insurance company at least 1 month in advance of the date when they want their contract to end, unless the contract was made out for a fixed period of time from the beginning.

Students from EU countries who came with an E 111 or E 128 form from their home insurance or the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) do not need to do anything.

German registration law requires all persons who stay here longer than for touristic purposes to register their residence. If you have done an Anmeldung (registration) after your arrival, you also have do an Abmeldung (deregistration) before you leave.

In order to do so, you need to go personally to the city office within one week before your departure (but not earlier). Bring your passport or ID card (including residence title). No further forms or documents are needed.  Deregistration is only possible with appointment.

In Ulm:

In Neu-Ulm:

Safeguard your Deregistration Form

The city office will issue an Abmeldebestätigung (certificate of deregistration).

You will need this form to sign off from tv&radio fees.

Make sure to keep this document. You  will need if you want to stay in Germany again in the future - even after many years!

If you have been registrated with  ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio for tv&radio fees, you should submit a notice of departure to them, otherwise they will continue billing you and even collect your debts from abroad!

You can do this deregistration online through the website www.rundfunkbeiträ

You must attach a scan of the Abmeldebestätigung of the city office.

You must do this de-registration not only, if you have been the fee-payer (for yourself, or for a whole group of students living together), but also if you have been a member of a group of students of which somebody else was the fee-payer.

Closing your bank account should be one of the very last things you do. Make a last printout of your bank statements („Kontoauszüge“) to be sure that all your fees and bills have been paid (health insurance, rent, subscriptions, telephone bill etc.).

If some payments/withdrawals have not been made, do an „Überweisung“.
In case you leave without meeting all your obligations, the International Office may be contacted on your behalf and we have to settle things with you after your departure. This is a lot of work and you end up paying much more money!

Alternatively, you can ask the bank to close your bank account on a certain date after your departure, i.e. if you will receive a refund of your security deposit to this account. Leave your home address and banking information with your bank so that they can contact you or forward any deposits.


While you are a registered student in Ulm, the bank will keep your account free of charge. However, if you leave Ulm and fail to present proof of student status regularly, the bank will start charging fees, which will quickly consume any savings you may still have. Therefore, you should definitely close your account before departure, even if you plan to return to Germany at a later point in your life.

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Good Bye from the International Office

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