Scholarships for international doctoral researchers

DAAD STIBET Completion grants

The International Office awards completion grants for international doctoral students in the framework of the DAAD STIBET programme.

To a limited extent, an initial funding at the beginning of the doctorate as well as a temporary financial support in order to bridge a short period of time without income is also possible.

Funding, requirements and application

Scholarship holders will generally receive a grant for up to 4 months. However, an extension is possible. The monthly stipend amounts up to 875 Euros.

Doctoral students should preferably be recommended by their supervisors.

Irrespective thereof, international doctoral students, who are enrolled at Ulm university, as well as supervisors of international doctoral students are entitled to submit applications and proposals respectively.

Completion grants can only be awarded to doctoral students with a very good performance. Moreover, a successful completion of their doctoral studies should reasonably be expected within one year.

Please note that only complete applications can be taken into consideration.

The following documents have to be submitted:

  1. Application form
  2. CV
  3. Motivation letter (reasons for applying)
  4. proposal/approval letter of the supervisor (can be handed in separately)
  5. Evidence of past grants/employment contract at Ulm University (if applicable)
  6. Admission to doctoral studies at Ulm university

For an extension of your scholarship, please fill out this application form and submit it along with a letter of support of your supervisor.

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