Regional - International: Study & Work in Ulm

“Regional – International: Study & Work in Ulm“ (RISWU) is a joint project of Ulm and Neu-Ulm Universities of Applied Sciences and Ulm University in collaboration with various regional partners. They have set themselves the task to improve the access of international graduates and qualified professionals to the industrial area of Ulm and Neu - Ulm. The project is coordinated by Ulm University.

  • Pre-employment advisory service, assistance and support in order to retain international graduates in the regional employment market.
  • Information services and guidance for prospective employers and companies of the region such as briefings and advisory events in the field of staff recruitment.
  •  Creating a local network to develop a cross-institutional programme for international students to ameliorate the transition from study to the first job.

The project "Study & Work" ended in October 2017.

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