Deutsche Bahn

Germany features an extensive and modern railway network. As a major railway hub in southern Germany, Ulm has good connections to many destinations in and out of the country. Fernzüge (long distance trains: ICE, IC, EC) and Regionalzüge (regional trains: IRE, RE, RB, S) provide hourly connections in almost every direction.

Time of travel and regular rates (one-way) from Ulm to various destinations (fastest connections):

München HbfStuttgart HbfFrankfurt (Main) HbfKempten (Allgäu) HbfFriedrichshafen (Stadt)Berlin HbfWien WestbahnhofParis-Est
1:15 hrs0:55 hrs2:17 hrs0:52 hrs1:01 hrs6:34 hrs5:39 hrs4:44 hrs
from €32.00from €20.20from €62.00from €18.30from €21.30from €142.00from €117from €129.00

Travel time from Ulm to nearby airports (fastest connections):

München Flughafen TerminalStuttgart Flughafen/MesseFrankfurt (M) Flughafen FernbahnhofFriedrichshafen FlughafenNürnberg FlughafenMemmingen Airport, Allgäu Zürich Flughafen
2:06 hrs1:38 hrs2:15 hrs0:56 hrs2:21 hrs0:53 hrs3:09 hrs

Timetables and tickets can be obtained at automatic ticket machines, at the Reisezentrum in railway stations and on the website of the Deutsche Bahn. There you will also find a lot of special offers for discounted travelling (watch out for BahnCard, Sparpreis, Baden-Württemberg-Ticket, Bayern-Ticket and Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket, Sparpreis Europa, Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket). If you will remember to book a ticket earlier, it is very often possible to use budget price and get it cheaper.