Temporary Housing

If you do not have accommodation upon arrival, you can either check in at the youth hostel, a pension or a hotel while you are looking for a room. It is advisable to book a room in advance.

Youth hostel (Jugendherberge) in Germany means a non-profit, small budget hotel, usually with shared bedrooms. To stay in one of these youth hostels in Germany you need a membership of either the organization "Deutsche Jugendherberge" (DJH) or "Hosteling International" (HI). The annual fee for people under 27 is 7,00 €, old people pay 22,50 €.

You can apply directly at any youth hostel or online at:
www.jugendherberge.de/en/basics/membership or www.hihostels.com/info/membership.

In other countries, a membership may not be necessary to stay in one of these hostels. Especially if you plan to travel Europe it is worth to look at the HI homepage and compare the prices with normal hostels because you can get a discount (10 % per night for example in England) as a member of the HI.

A backpacker hostel is called in "Germany Hostel" or "Backpacker" or "Backpacker Hostel". For those private hostels you don‘t need a membership.