Students often get cheaper tickets. Just show your student ID card and ask at the entrance for a reduction for students. 

Student Parties

During semester time there are a lot of student parties at Ulm University, Ulm University of Applied Sciences and University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm and also at the student residences. You will find posters and flyers announcing the latest events everywhere at your university. 

More about student events can be found at: (only in German!)

Bars Run by Students:

Cat (alternative concerts and parties), Prittwitzstraße 36, (only in German!)
Jazzkeller Sauschdall (Jazz), Prittwitzstraße 36, (only in German!)
Studentencafe (free concerts and parties), Stuttgarter Straße 15, (only in German!)


The cinemas in Ulm usually show movies in German, but sometimes also in other languages or with subtitles (e.g. „Original Sound“ Day on Wednesday in Dietrich Theater). The website (only in German!) shows an overview of the weekly programme in the diff erent cinemas.
Important: If you want to get the student discount, don’t forget to take your student ID with you! In the Xinedome and the Dietrich Theater only students younger than 27 can get the student discount.

  • The Unikino (only in German!) operated by the "Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten in Ulm" shows mainstream movies. Cheap tickets for students.
  • Xinedome (only in German!), multiplex, Am Lederhof 1, 89073 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/1402020
  • Dietrich-Theater (only in German!), multiplex, Marlene-Dietrich-Str. 1, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/9855598
  • Open air cinema (only in German!), SSV Bad, Stadionstraße 17, 89077 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/65400
    The summer season starts at the end of July and ends in mid September. At 8.00 p.m. you can buy a ticket of the open air cinema and be assured of a good seat. Because of changeable or bad weather you can check on webside wheather the movie will be shown or not.
  • There is also a group of students of Ulm University called “Cineasta” (only in German!), who organize movie nights in the cinemas Obscura and Lichtburg. The entrance fee for students is only 3,50 €.
  • Lichtburg, Frauenstraße 61, 89073 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/88015171
  • Obscura, art house, Schillerstraße 1, 89077 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/6022858
  • Mephisto (only in German!), art house, Rosengasse 15, 89073 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/6021218
  • Kammer-Lichtspiele, Hirschstraße 12, 89073 Ulm


An amazing open air ambience in the inner courtyard of the westside of Ulm University with Live-Bands, DJ, and much more. The international SummerNightParty takes place each summer term since more then 20 years.

This special and biggest Party at the Ulm University is organized by the Team of students of diff erent programmes. Before the event begins the Biergarten off ers fresh beer and in many bars there are coctails, shots and much more. the „hungry people“ can find a big variaty of delicious food and many of them are international specialities.

More information on: (only in German!)

Ulmer Zelt (Ulm tent)

The "Ulmer Zelt" is a tent set up in the Friedrichsau from May to July with concerts, plays and cabaret every night and a huge beer garden is around the tent. Students get cheaper tickets for all the events in the tent. (only in German!)

Nabada on Schwörmontag
Concert on the Münsterplatz

Oath Week

... is the most famous festival in Ulm, which the city celebrates, with lots of activities in and around the city. It takes place in the second to the last week of July. At the end of the festival, there is the biggest party called "Schwörmontag". It is the spectacle called Nabada on the Danube river. After that, the whole city turns into a huge party with concerts everywhere until night. On Schwörmontag, a lot of shops and offices are closed in the afternoon.

For more information, check the website (only in German!) Webpage of Ulm/Neu-Ulm Touristik GmbH

Event guides

There are lots of nightlife activities in Ulm. The best way to stay informed is to watch out for flyers or to look up information on the internet. Most internet sites offer additionally community activities where you can meet people sharing the same interests.

Furthermore you will find information on many interesting and cheap concerts, workshops and parties at the website of the Stadtjugendring Ulm (only in German!). Follow the subject: Jugendtreffs in Ulm