Parks and Gardens

  • The Friedrichsau is a big park in Ulm at the banks of the Danube (stop of tram 1 "Donauhalle") with a small zoo (the Aquarium), small lakes and beer gardens. A lot of events take place there (Ulmer Zelt, Ulmer Volksfest).  
  • The Glacis Park is a nice park in Neu-Ulm with lakes, water playgrounds and a beer garden. There are a lot of cultural and musical events in summer which are always for free. Here you will also find the Wasserturm of Neu-Ulm.
  • The Botanical Garden of Ulm University includes green houses, Apothekergarten (a pharmacy garden) and a beer garden.
Botanical Garden
Wasserturm Neu-Ulm in the Glacis Park


  • Donaubad Wonnemar Ulm/Neu-Ulm
    Wiblingerstraße 55, 89231 Neu-Ulm, (only un German!)
    Indoor water park with outside section and open air swimming pool in summer time
  • Bad Blau
    Boschstraße 12, 89134 Blaustein, (only in German!)
    Indoor water park with outside section
  • Westbad
    Moltkestraße 30, 89077 Ulm, Link (only in German!)
    Low priced municipal indoor swimming pool.
  • Hallenbad Neu Ulm
    Kantstraße 4, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Link (only in German!)
    Low priced municipal indoor swimming pool
  • Baggerseen (quarry artificial lakes)
    Around Ulm there are a few artificial lakes like the Pfuhler See (Neu-Ulm Pfuhl), the Ludwigsfelder See (Neu-Ulm Ludwigsfeld) and Waldsee Senden. The best way to reach the lakes is by car or bicycle.

Places For Excursions

  • Blaubeuren is a small town 20 km to the west of Ulm, where there is Germany’s biggest karstic spring source, the "Blautopf" and a medieval monastery. (partly in German!)
  • The Wiblingen Monastery is a former Benedictine monastery and possesses a beautiful Baroque library.
  • The Swabian Alb begins in Ulm with beautiful landscape, many caves and a lot of castles. (only in German!)
  • Lake Constance (Bodensee) is Germany’s biggest lake can be reached within 1 hour by train or car. (only in German!)
  • The Allgäu Alps offer excellent skiing regions and great hiking opportunities, which can be reached within 1 hour. (only in German!)

You can find more interesting information about the region on the web page of the Baden-Württemberg federal state: (only in German!)

In the browser of this webpage you can find universities and kindergartens, lakes and skiing areas nearby, the most beautiful hiking tours, the best bars and restaurants of Baden-Württemberg, but also lately free housing, job and cultural offers in the area.

More leasure time ideas:

Lasertag Neu-Ulm (only in German!)
Boulderhalle Ulm (only in German!)
Kletterwelt (only in German!)
Ecodrom (only in German!)