Living Expenses

Obviously, living expenses depend on your personal lifestyle. However, be aware that living abroad in an unknown environment tends to be more expensive. Taking all aspects of daily life into account, students should expect expenses of approximately € 945 to € 1.000 per month. Please make sure you have enough money to pay for your monthly expenses and have some money put away for unexpected events or emergencies. You cannot count on regular financial support (e.g. through scholarships) during your studies.

Rent € 285 - 477, a one-time € 20.00 processing fee and about € 300 deposit (only at Studierendenwerk Ulm)
Health insurance

Since 1 Januar 2015, all public health insurance companies demand a so-called supplemental premium, which is set individually by each insurance company.

Monthly student rates consist of: health insurance + individual supplemental premium + long-term care insurance. On average, the health insurance contribution for students is about € 125.

Lunch at the Mensa The price of one meal is about € 2.00 - 4.10.
(as of summer term 2024)
The so-called Semester Ticket ended in Winter Semester 2023/24. Cheap options for public transportation: Jugendticket BW, Deutschlandticket (information only in German!)
Teaching materials € 30 - 100 per semester for textbooks and equipment

Studierendenwerk fee
(as of summer term 2024)

€ 60.00 per semester

Administrative fee
(as of summer term 2024)

€ 70.00 per semester

Fee for the constituted student body
(as of summer term 2024)

€ 18.00 per semester
Broadcast Services Contribution € 18.36 monthly (more information about Broadcast Services Contribution here)
Semester & Tuition fees More information on tuition fees and semester fees

Furthermore:  expenses for clothing, necessary items and leisure time activities