Dr. Tobias Drey

Tobias Drey
Dr. Tobias Drey
Former Research Associate

Dr. Tobias Drey

Tobias Drey left Ulm University at the end of June 2024. Current information and contact details can be found on LinkedIn.


Tobias Drey joined the HCI Group in March 2019 as a research associate. He focuses his research on using augmented and virtual reality in education. This includes the research of design principles for AR/VR learning applications as well as suitable in-situ authoring tools. Tobias defended his dissertation, "Towards Mixed Reality in Education: Overcoming Challenges of Teaching, Learning, and Authoring", summa cum laude on 27 November 2023. His research is funded by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) projects AuCity 2 and AuCity 3. Prior to joining the HCI group, he worked as a Software Engineer at Airbus since 2013.

Tobias has an M. Sc. in Computer Science (2017) from Ulm University. The title of the master thesis was: Investigation of the Applicability of Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Displays for Geographic Information Systems

His B. Eng. in Information Technology attained Tobias 2013 at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Ravensburg/Friedrichshafen. Since 2015, Tobias has been an external lecturer for the lectures Mobile Network Architectures and Mobile Sensors and Actuators and also supervises and grades theses.

Research interests

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Devices
  • Head Mounted Displays
  • Education

Honors & Awards (Excerpt)

In 2021, students supervised by Tobias participated in the German Computer Game Award and were nominated for the serious game The Social Engineer in the category Young Talent Award: Best Prototype.

In 2013 Tobias participated in the Microsoft Imagine Cup and won together with his team an AppCampus Startup grant from Microsoft and Nokia. This enabled them to develop the pitched project idea into the market-ready app ScreenFusion.


Master Theses

  • Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation in Industrial Environments by the Example of Arena2036
  • Augmented Reality Visualization of Fused Camera and Radar Measurements
  • Evaluation of LiDAR-enabled Camera Pose Estimation for Augmented Reality Applications
  • Exploring Piano Fingering Presentations using Text, Image, and Sound
  • FireDrillVR: The Effect of Feedback Timing on Safety Training
  • Investigating the Performance of Role-Based AR in Co-Located Collaborative Scenarios
  • PISA_AR: Process In-Situ Authoring for Augmented Reality
  • VRCreatIn: A Model and Design Space Based 3D Content Creation Tool With Pen and Tablet in Virtual Reality


Bachelor Theses

  • Constructive Solid Geometry with Pen and Tablet Interaction in Virtual Reality
  • Holodraw: Bridging the Gap Between Constrained 2D and Mid-Air 3D VR Drawing in VRSketchIn
  • In-Situ 360° Photo and Video Authoring
  • VRCubed: Using Physical Surfaces to Integrate 2D Interaction and Visualization Into the 3D Modeling Process in VR

  • Exploring Pair-Learning in Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Writing for Novices
  • Social Engineer: An Immersive Virtual Reality Educational Game to Raise Social Engineering Awareness, Nomination  2021, Nomination 2022 Games for Change Awards
  • Static and Dynamic Texturing in VR
  • Online Study Framework
  • In-situ Surface-supported Texturing in VR

Scientific Activities

Conference Associate Chair: MuC '22 Short Papers, CHI '21 LBW

Session Chair: German Pre-CHI '22 Poster & Demo, CHI PLAY '21 LBW

Conference Reviewer: CHI '24, '23, '22, '21, '20, CHI PLAY '23, '21, '20, UIST '21, '20, IEEE VR '23, '21, DIS '24, MUM '23, NordiCHI '24, AVRiL '24, '23, '22

Journal Reviewer: ISMAR '24, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction '23, Computers and Education Open '23, MIT PRESENCE: Virtual and Augmented Reality '23, ACM Computing Surveys '22, IMWUT '23, '21, Springer Virtual Reality '21

1 "Special Recognition for Outstanding Reviews" CHI '24

1 "Special Recognition for Outstanding Reviews" DIS '24

1 "Special Recognition for Outstanding Reviews" IMWUT '23

2 "Special Recognitions for Outstanding Reviews" CHI '21



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