Lecture Course: Deep Learning for Graphics and Visualization, Winter Term 2021/22

Illustration: serveral Visualisations based on Deep Learning applications


Machine Learning can be found in almost all fields of computer science. This course teaches basic concepts of machine learning and how they are applied to computer graphics. This course covers the whole process of developping, training neural nets and also adapting complex models to new datasets. Learning from 3D points aka. point clouds as it is covered in this course, is a current research topic in the field of computer graphics. Students will thus first learn how to solve standard machine learning problems, before applying their know how to 3D data. All practical realizations will be made in Tensorflow, which is also introduced in the course.

We assume previous knowledge in computer science, but not necessarily in machine learning.


  • Basics: Regression vs. Classifications, Supervised vs. Unsupervised, Gradient Descent
  • Multi-Layer Perceptrons
  • Training Concepts: Back Propagation, Optimizers, Overfitting, Regularization
  • Introduction to TensorFlow 2
  • Convolutional Neural Networks: 2D / 3D Convolution, Pooling
  • Advanced Architectures: ResNet, DenseNet, Attention Mechanisms, Recurrent Models, Encoder-Decoder, Autoencoder
  • Generative Models
  • Unstructured CNNs: Multi-View, PointNet, Poisson Pooling
  • Differentiable & Neural Rendering
  • Neural Scene Representations
  • Visualization of Neural Networks


The exercise lessons will be held interactively through Zoom.


The lecture will take place digitally through Moodle and Zoom. New chapters on Differentiable & Neural Rendering, as well as Neural Scene Representations will be held in the "hybrid" format, i.e. there will be in-person lectures with recordings available online.

Possible Allocation

Computer Sciences

  • B.Sc. Main Subject
  • M.Sc. PCS

Media Informatics

  • B.Sc. Main Subject
  • M.Sc. Media Informatics

Software Engineering

  • M.Sc. PCS

Cognitive Systems

  • Sp. Sub.: Perception

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