Lecture Course: Digital Media, Summer Term 2017


The participant will have learnt about basic concepts of processing, storeing, presentation, and communication of media data via computer based systems. The students are able to use and implement the most relevant algorithms related to different media types. They are competent to analyse and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of selected methods.


  • Basics: digital representation, capacity requirements of digital media, encoding, and compression
  • Text: Fonts and alphabets, standards of encoding, font styles, advanced text representation
  • Graphics: 2D forms and operations/animation, 3D forms and operations/realism
  • Images: image compression, image processing
  • Video: analogue video, digital video, video compression
  • Audio: physical and physiological basics, audio encoding and compression, representation of music


31st July 2017,  12:00 am, O28/H21

17th October 2017, 8:00 - 10:00 am, O28/H21

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Date Tuesday, 10 - 12 ct
Place O27/H20

Exercises on Wednesday


see description of module 'Digital Media' via HIS/Studium