Project: Interactive Computer Graphics, Summer Term 2024

Leaflet VisCom 2023

We will introduce all research subjects of projects in the scope of applied subjects (bachelor/master) and master projects (full or compact) at the joint inaugural meeting:

Thursday, 18 April 2024, 11 am (ct)
Room O27/331


After a first stage in which the research teams are established, they will chose and work on application subjects. The main objectives are set with the help of the lecturer and the tutors.

The teams will carry out a focussed literature review, as well as sketch a first project plan, leading to a documented project draft. This draft includes assertions to the following subjects:

  • topic setting
  • literature research
  • design concept
  • familiarisation with technical foundations
  • design of architecture

After a successful implementation stage, we expect a consistent project documentation, a project web site, a short demo video, and presentable screen shots.


The project usually spreads over two semesters, but can be conceptualised to fit in one.

The project can be designed to serve as applied subject MI (12 ECTS), as master project (16 ECTS), or as half of master project (8 ECTS).

Please get in touch with your supervisor to clarify this at the beginning.



Media Informatics

  • Appl. Subj. (12LP)

Media Informatics
Computer Science

  • Project (16LP)
  • Project 'compact' (8LP)
  • Appl. Subj. (Exam. Ru. 2021/12LP)

Module and exam numbers currently under revision (3/2023).

Possibly register under 'Computergraphic':

74619/14621 (8LPO)
74639/14639 (12LP)
74618/14690 (16LP)