Information about Research Facilities

The institute of media informatics disposes of specially equiped research laboratories to carry out experiments in the domains of human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, and computer graphics.

The access to the rooms is only permitted with the approval of a supervisor or in the context of a specific study. Please contact the responsible person in time.

Driving Simulator - Automotive User Studies

Driving Simulator

In a separate chamber, a driving simulator can be used to risklessly study the behaviour of users of driving assistance systems. High performing servers and an optically reduced ambience provide an easily modifiable foundation for research questions in vogue.

Information about the Driving Simulator

Room O27/1401
after the stairs, turn left; located in the connecting passage

Phone: 31 329

HCI Lab - A Playground to Study Virtual or Augmented Reality and Motion Capturing

VR headset

A test area to offer a greater ease of movement has been implemented in the basement of O27 to promote research in HCI - human-computer interaction. It comprises hardware and various types of VR equipment. A motion capturing system is also built in.

Here, you can develop, test, and carry out explorative studies in virtual or augmented reality.

Information about the HCI Lab

Room O27/1401
In the basement

Phone:  31 329 

Pool - Individual Work Stations

Individual Work

High performance computers are essential when it comes to process large quantities of data. To a limited extent, we keep specially equiped work stations at the disposal of student assistents and students in the course of their thesis or applied projects. Some of the machines contain stronger graphic cards for visualisation tasks.

Information about Single Work Stations

Room O27/332

VisCom Lab - Visual Computing, Rear Projection Systems

Photo of Power Wall

The room contains a rear projection system that allows to implement large surface interactive visualisations.

Thesis and application projects can refer to the underlying technique as well as visualisation purposes.

Information about the VisCom Lab

Room O26/172
In the basement

Phone: 155 83

Soldering Station and Group Work


This room is dedicated to general bricolage, soldering, small studies, and group meetings. It is located next to the research assistants'.

Information about the VisCom Lab

Room O27/333