Fundamentals of Interactive Systems

General Remarks

This course is exclusively held in the master program Cognitive Systems.

Learning Goals

The students acquire elementary concepts and methods for the design of interactive systems, particularly software systems. They can develop new solutions for the design of interfaces and evaluate existing solutions to this. The necessary skills are developed on the basis of investigations of human perceptual and cognitive capabilities, generations of different interaction metaphors and the underlying techniques, as well as (formal) methods in the development and analysis of mechanisms in interaction and related mechanistic cognitive models.


  • Introduction to HCI
  • Perceptual and cognitive aspects of HCI
  • Cognitive processes and interaction
  • Empirical issues in the design of interactive systems
  • The interface -- input and output devices in HCI
  • Interface design -- dialog notations and interface formats
  • Dialog notation -- graphs, nets and graphical formats
  • Interface design and cognitive modeling

Course Material


Lecture: Thursday, 10-12 Uhr | O27/331

Exercise: Thursday, 12-14 Uhr | O27/331