M.Sc. Julia Brich

Julia Brich
M.Sc. Julia Brich
Former Research Associate

Julia Brich, M.Sc.

Julia Brich joined Prof. Weber's research group in 2014. Her dissertation is focused on the application of motivational game design factors in player-game adaptivity.

Julia completed her undergrad studies at the University of Applied Sciences Ulm (B.Sc., 2011) and Ulm University (M.Sc., 2014) with a focus on distributed systems. During her studies, she spent six months at EADS Germany for an internship.

Julia is connected to the following projects at Ulm University:
Serious Games – Skill Advancement Through Adaptive Systems
EffIS – Efficient and Interactive Studying

Research interests

  • Motivational effects of core game mechanics
  • Adaptivity in games
  • Game Design
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Home Automation


  • Towards a generic mission generation framework for games (BT, 2017)
  • Player Motivation in Computer Games: Using Adaptive Achievements as Motivator (BT, 2016)
  • NutriDefense - Employing a Tower Defense game as intervention method for critical food intake (BT, 2016)
  • An Accessible Framework for Learning Computer Science Using IoT and Web Technologies: Addressing Interoperability and a Common Resource Representation Based on Domain Practice (MT, 2016)
  • Development and Evaluation of an Educational Game in the Field of Instructional Design (BT, 2015)
  • Developing a game for music ear training utilizing artificial synesthesia (BT, 2015)
  • Possible Correlations Between Time Pressure and Motivation in Serious Games (BT, 2014)
  • Game Engines for Serious Games (BT, 2014)

If you are interested in writing your bachelor or master thesis on adaptive games / player motivation, please email me. You can also find available topics here.

Scientific Activities

  • Student Volunteer at MUM'12
  • Reviewer for ACM CSCW'17



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