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(Stand Januar 2013)

Dr. Holger Dammertz


  • Ray Tracing for Photorealistic Image Synthesis
  • (Massively) Parallel Computing
  • Real Time Rendering
  • Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods
  • Numerical Precision

Teaching: SS 11

Lecture: Advanced Image Synthesis (Lehrauftrag)

Teaching: SS 10

co-lecturing Lecture: Advanced Image Synthesis

Practical Course: Computer Graphics (Focus on Game Development)

Teaching: WS 09/10

Exercises: Massively Parallel Computing

Proseminar Computer Graphics

Teaching: SS 09

Excercises Advanced Image Synthesis

Practical Course: Precomputed Radiance Transfer (Real Time Rendering)

Proseminar: Modeling the Appearance and Behaviour of Urban Spaces


Teaching: WS 08/09

Excercises Computergraphics

Practical Course Real Time Rendering

Practical Course Aesthetic Computing

Seminar Computergraphics


Teaching: SS 08

Proseminar Computergraphics

Practical Course Computergraphics (Ray Tracing)


Teaching: WS 07/08

Practical Course Computer Graphics (Ray Tracing)

Seminar Computer Graphics


ehemaliger wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Holger Dammertz