Applied Subject/Project: Visual Computing, Winter Term 2017


After a first stage in which the research teams are established, they will chose and work on application subjects. The main objectives are set with the help of the lecturer and the tutors. The research topics are supposed to lie within the topic range of visual computing, namely computer graphics and visualisation.

Possible topics are:

  • co-operation with Ulmer Museum on visual processing of the lion man. Several data sets are already at hand.
  • co-operation with Ulmer Münster about visual presentation of information linked to the edifice
  • calibration of a multi projector system
  • molecular visualisation

Then, the teams will carry out a focussed literature review, as well as sketch a first project plan, leading to a documented project draft. This draft includes assertions to the following subjects:

  • topic setting
  • literature research
  • design concept
  • familiarisation with technical foundations
  • design of architecture

After a successful implementation stage, we expect a consistent project documentation, a project web site, a short demo video, and presentable screen shots.

The project, running for two semesters, can be enhanced to meet the criteria of an application subject according to the examination regulations.


The project usually spreads over two semesters.

Participation in our lecture on visualization is compulsory, but can be accomplished simultaneously.

Organisational Details

Kick off
Fr 19.04. 13:00 Uhr
Raum O27 / 331