Lecture Course: Fundamentals of Human Machine Interaction, Winter Term 2018/19


The lectures on 21.11.2018 and 5.12.2018 unfortunately have to be cancelled.
As a replacement, two sessions of the Cognitive Systems Colloquium are intended:

15.11.2018, 17:00 - Dr. Ken Pfeuffer (Bundeswehr University Munich): Future Eye-based and Multimodal User Interfaces
6.12.2018, 17:00  - Dr. Daniel Buschek (LMU Munich): Behaviour-Aware User Interfaces


The students will get to know basic concepts howto design interactive systems such as software systems in particular.

We will discuss aspects of perception and concepts of cognitive sciences, analyse techniques of different generations of interaction metaphors, and apply different formal methods of notation and analysis of interaction mechanisms. The student will be able to evaluate existing solutions and develop new approaches to human machine interfaces.


1. Introduction
2. Cognition and action
4. Perception and navigation
5. Emotion and social interaction
6. Motor functions
7. Paradigms and metaphors
8. Technical parameters
9. Input devices
10. Interaction styles
11. Cognitive models