Seminar Visual Computing/Research Trends in Visual Computing, Summer Term 20201

Our research group is working on a broad area of research, including computer graphics, image processing, visualization, and computer vision. Thus, the seminar offers insight into ongoing research. The seminar topics can be chosen among one of the following fields:

  • Deep Learning for Graphics
  • Data Visualization 

Please join our first event for a presentation of specific topics.

The schedule

The seminar is held as a block event at the end of the semester, while the topics will be assigned at the beginning of the semester. Each participant prepares a report (Ba: German or English. Ma: English), and gives a 20 minute presentation in German or English (English preferred) during the block event. Furthermore, all participants will be involved in the reviewing process of their peer's papers. The papers are improved based on the feedback resulting from the review process.

All deadlines are strict deadlines, and no extensions will be granted.

Dates for plenary meetings can be discussed at the first meeting to suit individual schedules.


To successfully complete the seminar the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Written paper on a selected topic, (Ba: German or English. Ma: English)
  • 20 minutes presentation with questions and answers at the end, German or English
  • Active participation in peer reviews and discussions
  • Meet the schedule
Classification within study programmes

Computer Science
Media Informatics

Software Engineering

  • B.Sc.
    FSPO 2014
    740 15/140 15
    FSPO 2017
    745 48/145 48
  • M.Sc.
    FSPO 2014
    742 18/142 18
    FSPO 2017
    745 76/145 76