Detailed information on the coordination of the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV)

Ulm University participates in the coordination phase of the dialogue-oriented service procedure with all programmes with locally restricted admission. This procedure supports Ulm University and many other higher education institutions in their admission processes.

Please go to the application portal and apply for Ulm University. provides further information on the procedure with details on registration and application, FAQs, videos and much more.

What does this mean for your application at Ulm University?

Your journey to studying at Ulm University begins with your registration at Multiple registrations are not allowed. If you register multiple times, only the application submitted with the last registration will be processed. Any other registrations and applications will be deleted and not considered in the procedure. This deletion cannot be reversed.

Please note that you can use your user account, which was created during your registration, for applications in later procedures as well. Another registration would be deemed ineligible. Do you have questions about registration? Go here for further information or send us an e-mail.

To register, you are required to enter your personal data and will then receive an applicant ID (BID) and authentication number (BAN). You need those for your central application at the application portal .

What are the deadlines for your application?

You can apply from 09 May 2016 till 15 July 2016. Your last application (max. three applications at Ulm University, total of 12 applications throughout Germany) must be submitted by midnight of 15 July 2016 latest.

Once you submitted your application, you can check the status of your application and admission offers in your user account in the application portal of You are free to accept an admission offer or wait to see if you receive others that you might prefer. The admission offers will be available to you by 15 August 2016 latest.

If you receive an admission offer, you have the option to accept it. If you accept the offer, you will be admitted and receive a letter of admission. Until 18 August 2016 you can prioritise your study choices if you haven't accepted an admission offer by then. This prioritisation determines the best possible admission for you and means that you will only be shown your most favourable admission offer. Applications with lower priorities will then be cancelled. Click here for detailed information on the application procedure.

Who receives which data/information about you? processes selected data that were submitted for Ulm University. Our staff can only access applications that were submitted at Ulm University. Data security is ensured at all times.