Required documents

  • application form - you will receive this form after submitting your online application
  • applicants with general German higher education entrance qualification (Abiturdo not need to provide a certificate
  • applicants without general German higher education entrance qualification (Abitur): certificate of higher education entrance qualification (subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification, university of applied science entrance qualification, delta exam (Deltaprüfung), professional qualification)
  • with non-German higher education institution entrance qualification: copy of the original final secondary education certificate plus certified German or English translation; proof of sufficient German language proficiency (e.g. DSH-2, TestDaF 4x4, university entrance assessment examination). Germans with foreign education certificates also need a certificate of recognition issued by the regional office for the recognition of education certificates (Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle)
  • Documents regarding
    • civil or military service
    • preferential admission
    • second degree (detailed explanation and certificate of first degree)
    • exceptional case of hardship (detailed explanation and relevant documents)
    • compensation for disadvantages (Nachteilsausgleich, detailed explanation and supporting documents)
    • top athletes A/B/C squad (attestation from the umbrella sports association and detailed explanation why the applicant is bound to a certain place of study)

For the study programmes Bachelor in Biochemistry | Bachelor in Biology | Bachelor in Teaching Biology at German grammar schools (Gymnasium) | Bachelor in Psychology | Bachelor in Economics | Bachelor in Teaching Economics at German grammar schools (Gymnasium) if applicable, please provide proof of:

  • vocational training
  • employment
  • special preparatory training, practical experiences, out-of-school attainments or other qualifications

For the programme Bachelor in Molecular Medicine, if applicable, please provide:

  • proof of the test for medical study programmes TMS


Biochemistry, Economics, Molecular Medicine
Andrea Kleiner
Phone: +49 731 50-24444

Biology, Psychology
Miriam Feucht
Phone: +49 731 50-24444

Dept. II-1 Admissions Office
Ulm University
89069 Ulm
Fax: +49 731 50-22074