Ulm University among the top 20 universities in Germany
THE World University Ranking measures factors such as learning environment, research strength and external funding

Ulm University

Ulm University defends its place among the 20 top universities in Germany in the THE World University Ranking 2024. The University scores particularly well in the category “industry”, which combines external funding and patents. In an international comparison of over 1,900 universities, Ulm University came in among the top 200 universities in the world at 193rd place.

At the top of the prestigious ranking published by the British magazine “Times Higher Education” (THE) for 2024 is the British University of Oxford. It is followed by the American universities Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At 30th place, the Technical University of Munich is ranked as the best university in Germany, followed by the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich (38th place) and Heidelberg University (47th place). Tied with Ulm University at 193rd place are the German universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Münster as well as the Scottish University of St Andrews and the University of Macau.

A revised methodology was used for the 20th edition of the World University Ranking. Rather than 13 performance indicators, a total of 18 criteria from various areas are now included in the assessment, and they are also weighted differently. These criteria include teaching, research environment and quality of research (including citations, excellence and influence), each of which is weighted at about one third. The factors of industry (external funding and patents) and international orientation are combined to count for around eleven per cent of the total score. An overall score is determined for each university based on these factors, from which the ranking is then derived.

“Ulm University is again the best small university for STEM and medical subjects in Germany and we are also ranked among the top 200 universities in the world. In addition to our outstanding performance in the category of industry, our quality of research received an excellent score that is also worth mentioning. Here, we score particularly well with citations in scientific journals, which demonstrates our strength in research”, says University President Professor Michael Weber.

Text and mediacontact: Daniela Stang
Translation: Kate Gaugler

Ulm University is among the top 20 universities in Germany in the current THE ranking (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt/Uni Ulm)