Prof. Dr. Olga Pollatos

Vice President Education 




Education and Academic Qualifications: 

1994-2000:      Studies of Psychology, TU Berlin and LMU Munich
2000-2008: Studies of Medicine, LMU Munich
2000-2004: Doctorate/PhD Dr.phil., LMU Munich (summa cum laude) 
2008-2011: Doctorate/PhD, LMU Munich (summa cum laude) 

Habilitation and Venia Legendi in Psychology, LMU München  

Professional Appointments: 

2000-2004:              PhD Student, Biological Psychology, LMU München
2004-2008: PosDoc Biological Psychology, LMU München 
2004-2010: Research stays University of Sussex and Academic Radiology Nottingham
2009-2012: Assistant Doctor, Neurological University Hospital, LMU München 
Since 2012: Professor (W1) for Emotion and Motivation Psychology, Ulm University 
2017-2018: Professor (W3) for Clinical and Health Psychology, Ulm University  
2010-2012: Member of the Faculty Council, University of Potsdam 
2013-2018: Member of the Study Commission for Psychology, Ulm University 
Since 2014: Co-opted member of the Medical Faculty, Ulm University 
2015-2017: Head of the Audit Committee of the Institute of Psychology and Education, Ulm University 
2015-2018:  Equal Opportunities Officer, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology, Ulm University 
2016-2018: Member of the Faculty Council, Ulm University 
2017-2018: Vice Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology, Ulm University 
Since 2018: Vice President Education, Ulm University 

 Research Foci: 

Interoception and emodied cognition 
Health, nutrition and sports activity 
Eating disorders, overweight and obesity 
Pain, stress and emotion regulation 
Mindfulness-based interventions and different methodological approaches such as imaging, EEG and neurostimulation 

Grants and Honors: 

1994-2000:                          Bavarian Award for Highly Gifted 
2000-2003: Awarded scholarship for dissertation, LMU Munich 
2005: PostDoc scholarship HWP Program, LMU Munich
2006-2007: Awarded scholarship for habilitation and PostDoc research HWP Program, LMU Munich 
2007: Junior Research Grant of the British Council Researcher Exchange Program
2010-2012: Selected participant ProFil-Program of the Universities of Potsdam and Berlin 
2010-2012: Awarded grant of the ERASMUS-teacher mobility program, University of Potsdam (University of Sussex)  
2010-2012: Awarded scholarship of the Senior Teaching Professionals Programm, Potsdam University 

Health Prize of the RUFZEICHEN GESUNDHEIT Foundation, project team "Join the healthy boat", Ulm University 


Hufeland Award for prevention and health promotion, project team "Join the healthy boat", Ulm University 


MSD Health Prize, project tea "Join the healthy boat", Ulm University