Biophysics - Master of Science (MSc)

  • required language proficiency: English
  • places not limited

Latest update

The admission office (Abt. II-1 Zulassung) has been closed for visitors until further notice.

All counselling is done by email.


Application period

winter semester: 

applicants with a bachelor's degree from abroad 15 January - 15 March

applicants with a bachelor's degree from Germany 15 January - 15 June
summer semester:  ---

Information on application for the master's programme Biophysics.

All documents must be received within the application deadline.


Further information

  • Entrance requirements


    a) proof of a bachelor's degree in physics, physics and management, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular medicine, biology or biotechnology or any other study programme with essentially the same content awarded after completion of a minimum three years of study with a final grade of 2.5 or better;

    b) proof of basic competencies in the fields of mathematics, experimental physics, physical chemistry and cell biology. If such competencies cannot be demonstrated through bachelor's or equivalent studies, successful completion of the preparatory course (Propädeutikum) for the English-taught master's programmes at Ulm University serves as proof.

    c) a meaningful letter of motivation considering the following aspects:

    • reasons for the interest in the master's programme in Biophysics
    • reasons for the choice of Ulm University as place of study
    • explanation of expectations for personal and professional future

    d) proof of an adequate command of English at level C 1 (CEFR). This proof may be

    • 7.0 points or more in the IELTS,
    • First Certificate in English (A), Certificate in Advanced English (A-C) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (A-C) in Cambridge exam,
    • 490 (listening), 455 (reading), 200 (speaking) and 200 (writing) points or more in the TOEIC,
    • 95 points or more in the TOEFL iBT,
    • level III or level IV of the UNIcert®,
    • level CEFR C 1 or higher as shown on, e.g., the higher education entrance qualification,
    • any examination achievement passed at a higher education institution from the field of English language teaching with C1 explicitly shown as CERF level, if this is indicated in the transcript of records,
    • this does not apply to applicants who are native speakers of English.

    For legally binding information please see the MSc Biophysics admissions statutes.

  • Information on the master's programme Biophysics

    Further information on the master's programme Biophysics.