Master of Education Grammar Schools - Master of Education (MEd)

Application period 

winter semester:     01.06. - 15.07.
summer semester:  01.12. - 15.01.

This is how you apply:

Step 1: Online application
You apply online.

Step 2: You submit your documents
Upload the required application documents using the upload assistant. You will receive a link to your personal upload assistant once you have completed your online application.

You must upload all documents by the last day of the application period.


Further information

  • Access to the admission procedure for the Master of  Education programme for teaching at secondary/grammar schools is by successful completion of the Bachelor of Education programme for teaching at secondary/grammar schools at Ulm University preparing for the desired master’s programme and comprising study contents from two subject disciplines and subject didactics, educational sciences and teaching experience at a school, or by showing proof of an equivalent German or foreign academic degree awarded by a state or state-recognised higher education institution.


The study qualification must specifically show:

  • Studies in two subject disciplines corresponding to a minimum of  146 ECTS; each subject discipline should comprise a minimum of 69 ECTS
  • Studies of subject didactics in both subjects corresponding to a minimum of 5 ECTS per subject
  • Educational sciences (not including teaching experience at school) corresponding to a minimum of 13 ECTS
  • Minimum three weeks’ teaching experience for orientation at a school, accompanied by the higher education institution, corresponding to a minimum of 5 ECTS.





Upon completing the online application you need to submit the following documents in paper form within the application deadline:



Upon completing the online application you will receive a confirmation email with your access details for the application portal, where you can find details on the status of your application and other notifications.

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Admission will be grated when the following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Compliance with the form and deadline of your application
  • Fulfilment of entrance requirements
  • Proof of equivalence regarding the subject-matter of your study qualification (decision of the admissions committee)

Further information about the master's programme in master's of education grammer schools.

Bachelor of education students wishing to pursue a master's degree in education need not apply for the master's programme separately. They submit a request for change of study programme (Antrag auf Studiengangwechsel) to the Studiensekretariat (student administration and examinations office) after at least two thirds of their examination achievements have been graded.

Application for change of programme (pdf)